Bloomerent Joins The Sharing Economy

Sharing is practical. It creates an opportunity for people to get more by doing and spending less. Most of us living in Manhattan, for example, don’t own cars because they’re expensive to have and there’s nowhere to park them (and there’s enough public transportation to get by). When it’s nice out, walking is favorable. But what if you need a car for a few hours of errands? Or a business meeting outside of the city? Companies like Zipcar resolve these minor issues by letting us share their cars seamlessly without any commitment. We let people share our homes through companies like Airbnb and Homeaway. We share clothes with complete strangers around the country through Rent the Runway. Why pay full price to own a dress you'll only wear once a year when you can rent 5 amazing dresses for the same price? The peer-to-peer economy simply allows people to have access to things they otherwise wouldn’t, or couldn’t, have.  


So, why not be resourceful and share things like flowers? This makes sense no matter where you're living or hosting an event. We spend months, sometimes even years, planning these beautiful events involving floral arrangements only to throw them out after the 4-5 hours of use. Flowers are considered useless after such a short amount of time but are actually still fresh and with proper care, good as new. In some cases, flowers are even more fresh the second day than they were the first. Most florists have their own studios and are experts on taking the necessary steps to repurposing flowers. On top of the general idea of getting more and spending less, there are environmental benefits to sharing with Bloomerent. There is no way to completely eliminate the impact cut flowers have on our environment without excluding them entirely; however, sharing is a way to reduce the effect dramatically and is explained here. The ability to create a centerpiece for your event and share it with someone having an event the day before or after yours is exciting and, well, flattering. Likewise, being able to share beautiful centerpieces that were already put together for an event before yours, without having to do as much planning or spending? You're welcome.