2014 Holiday Flower Trends

Holidays bring people together – it’s the time of year to gather with friends and family and celebrate. No holiday table is complete without a floral arrangement or some kind of a centerpiece.  So, what’s the trend this holiday season? We went to our floral experts and compiled a few great and fashionable ideas for you to keep in mind when choosing your holiday centerpiece.

Green is in! While being green and using Bloomerent for your floral centerpiece needs is definitely trendy, the green we’re talking about here are fresh evergreens. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine or the aromatic cedar scent filling your home to put you in the winter holiday mood. There are so many wonderful evergreens to choose from, too! Decorate them with pine cones and cinnamon sticks (also good for your holiday adult beverages) then add a splash of color with your favorite season winter blooms. And then, invite us over.

Use unique flowers that are in season only during the wintertime. Here on the East Coast, one of such flowers is Amaryllis. Amaryllis comes in many different shades of red, white, green, and bi-color.  It is thought to be the most regal and beautiful winter flower by many floral designers.  While it doesn’t have a fragrance, it more than makes up for it in it’s statue and glamour. Just a few of these in your holiday centerpiece will have your guests talking about that floral arrangement on your table!

Ornaments and ribbons are not just for Christmas trees and holiday wreaths. Pick out beautiful ornaments and ribbons to add flair to your holiday flower arrangements. These could be personalized or just have that extra special touch with some glitter and sparkle in gold or silver, or any other colors that you can’t get your flowers in. Try to coordinate these with the color of the table chargers or the napkin rings, or any other detail displayed on your holiday table. This will present a pulled together designer-like look.

For more floral and event ideas, sign up for our newsletter. We’d love to see pictures of your holiday centerpieces and table settings. Please share them with us in the comment section below. Happy Holidays!