3 Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Florist About Her Bridal Bouquet

Choosing flowers isn't always easy (unless you're using Bloomerent). Your bridal bouquet is important - it makes many appearances in your wedding photos. Here are the top 3 questions to make sure you ask your florist about your bridal bouquet: 

1.     Exactly what types of flowers will be used in the bouquet?

Make sure you know exactly what flower types and varieties will be used to design your bridal bouquet.  You could ask your florist to put these details in your contract, along with the flowers that would be used in case a substitution would be required.  If you are not sure what some flowers are, it’s a good idea to search images online or ask your florist to show you a picture to make sure you like what you see. Remember, it’ll be too late to change anything on the wedding day when your bridal bouquet is delivered to you. 

2.     When will the bouquet be put together?

This is an important question to ask to ensure that your bouquet is super fresh on the day of the wedding and lasts through the day. Unlike centerpieces, bouquets don't last as long since they are picked up and put down often throughout the day. Your bouquet should either be made the day before your big day or on the morning of, and kept refrigerated until it’s ready for delivery.

3.     What fabric will be used to wrap the handle of the bouquet?

If you have a preference for the fabric color and type of your bouquet wrap, speak up and let your florist know.  Typically a silk satin ribbon would be used to wrap the bouquet handle, but many brides choose to personalize their bouquet handles.  Some of the most popular personalization ideas include using the leftover fabric from your bridal gown alterations. To make it more personal, you could use a piece of the fabric from your grandmother or mother’s wedding dress as your something old. You could also choose to decorate the handle of your bouquet with rhinestones, crystals, or pearls.  There are so many different options!