Spotlight on: Flour LA, NYC & Dallas

Spotlight on: Flour LA, NYC & Dallas

Flour LA is an event flower design studio with 3 locations including LA, NYC and Dallas.

A few facts about owner and author, Carly Cylinder:

  • She is the author of "The Flower Chef", a modern guide to do-it-yourself floral arrangements.
  • She hosts flower classes and workshops.

  • Flour was originally a retail storefront of food and flowers.

  • She launched Flour LA, Jr! which throws children's parties where kids play with, build and decorate with flowers.

Carly and her team do it all. Want to send your BFF a beautiful arrangement? Done. Hosting a party for you or your child? Check. Looking for a flower arranging class? You found it. And of course, they specialize in flowers for your wedding or event, so you're always in the best hands.

Interested in a consultation with Carly and her team in NYC, LA or Dallas? Let us know.