Creative Wedding Table Name Ideas

Naming and numbering your tables is a fun way to get creative and incorporate your personality and love story into your wedding day. Here are a few ideas we love for naming and numbering your wedding tables:

1.   Countries and/or cities you’ve traveled to together. Name each table after a place you’ve explored together or want to in the future. Bonus if you have a fun picture of you two in each place.   

2.   Sentimental dates in your relationship. You can stick to years, months, dates or mix them all up. Some fun ideas include naming a table after the year you were each born (with baby pictures!), the year you met, your anniversary date, your first kiss, and on – all the way until your wedding date. This is a creative way to give your guests a timeline of your love story.

3.   Favorite landmarks. Name each table after your favorite museums, historic buildings, parks or those you’d love to visit around the world.  

4.   Theme based on something you both love. A few examples:

·  Music. Consider naming your tables after concerts and festivals you’ve been to together.

·  Poetry. Have each table named after a favorite poet with one of their poems on each table.

·  Broadway. Each table named after your favorite show with a playbill on each table.

·  Movie buffs. Name each table after your favorite movies, lines or genres.

·  A specific country. Name each table after a favorite restaurant, town or general location there.

·  Beyoncé. Photos of Queen B on every table.

5.   Traditional with a twist. Numbering your tables 1-10 can get creative, too. Consider having the table numbers pop out of a wedding favor or the centerpieces on your table rather than framing them. You can also show photos of your life at the time of each number. For example, table 1 will have pictures of both of you when you were one years old, table 2 will have photos of you at age 2, and on.

6.   Favorite TV and/or movie couples. Let’s be honest, a lot of the couples we saw on TV growing up gave us hope for the future. Here are some of our favorite TV couples:

·  Lucy & Ricky (I Love Lucy),

·  Cory & Topanga (Boy Meets World)

·  Jesse & Becky (Full House)

·  Marshall & Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

·  Mitch & Cam (Modern Family)

·  Jim & Pam (The Office)

·  Ross & Rachel, minus their break…… (Friends)

                 ·  Chandler & Monica (Friends)


Have a great idea for naming your the tables at your wedding? Let us know below. 



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