When to Book Your Wedding Florist

“When should I book my florist?” is one of the most common questions our customers ask us. There’s no right answer to this question but we’re big believers in the sooner, the better. As a rule of thumb, we’ve seen that 5-6 months out is the absolute latest time to book your florist; however, some find themselves booking 3 months out. We’re going to make an argument for our philosophy: the sooner, the better.

Like any good vendor, great or popular florists are in demand and booked way in advance. Depending on the season or date, florists could even be booked up to two years in advance. Further, finding a florist you like takes some time. You will typically want to do some research and read reviews, talk to references, meet with a few different florists and finally, receive a quote. After all of that effort, if you like your florist, you should book to ensure they will remain available for your wedding. Remember: if you book with a Bloomerent florist, we’ve already done all of that research for you ahead of time.

It’s important to note that when you decide to book the florist you love, you’re not expected to know exactly what your final product will look like (nor do you need to commit to the absolute final cost at that moment). When you confirm a florist they will ask that you send a deposit which is a percentage of your total. To get to your total you will need to have an approximate number of centerpieces, types of flowers and additional arrangements; however, you can always add on or remove specific items later. The remainder of the total is typically due the weekend of your wedding. Again, your payment dates will vary by florist.

When you’re meeting with your florist you may also want them to research different options for vessels or flowers. Are they shipping them from overseas? Do you want local flowers? Is the vase rented? Do you want the florist to source new vases? This can take the florist time which is why we recommend that you start the process for finding your florist sooner than later.

Finally, if you’re using Bloomerent as an “Event A”, you’ll want to choose your flowers as early as possible. Once you book your florist and decide on your centerpieces, we can list them for someone to opt into. The sooner you finalize the above, the sooner we can confirm your match and your savings for sharing. As an “Event B”, if you see flowers you love on our site, you should reserve them as soon as possible to ensure they’re not taken before for your wedding.

Florists are considered one of the “big vendors” to book immediately when you start planning. Book your florist early and check that box off your list.

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  1. I like that you mention that it’s okay to not know what you want from a florist right away. Planning flowers for an event can take time, so it’s nice to have time to work with them to find the perfect arrangement. My sister is getting married late next year, so this will be helpful for her when she goes looking for a florist.

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