Real Bloomerent Weddings: Emily & Kevin

Emily, a Bloomerent bride, talked about her casual but romantic July 2017 beach wedding at Gurney’s Montauk Resort. She worked with Bloomerent florist BloomBar to create a an ideal green scenery that evoked a romantic atmosphere.

We asked Emily to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

Through Instragram! I saw a wedding she did for a couple at The Surf Lodge in Montauk last year and loved what she did.

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

Through Julia! Once I started talking to her, she also suggested Carly at BloomBar!

Did you want to be the first or second event?


Even though you didn’t share, would you recommend Bloomerent for finding a florist?


Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?


What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

Casual Beach-Chic, hint of “romance”, I did not want it to look too casual or rustic

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

I was trying to get that look through mainly greenery with hints of white peonies and hyacinth (my two favorite flowers) which I was thinking could help make the look a bit more romantic and pretty.

How was your experience working with your florist?

She was by far the best vendor to work with.  I told everyone how much I loved her!! She made everything simple.  Any bride planning a wedding knows the gravity of that statement! When planning a wedding, it seems that every task can easily become overwhelming with choices, prices, deadlines, and pressure from vendors or from yourself to make it perfect.  Carly made this process seamless and immediately understood my aesthetic and overall vibe while taking into consideration my budget. LOVE her!!

What was the highlight of your wedding?

Probably my sisters and my dad’s speech.  There was nothing quite like it.


* all photos by Taylor Lenci

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