Meet Bev: Bloomerent Launches New Facebook Chatbot

The number one question we get from our customers is how much they should plan to spend on their wedding flowers. Their confusion makes sense when you consider that a wedding is likely the first time couples have had to purchase flowers in bulk (as opposed to buying flowers from the local grocery store or sending someone flowers directly from a florist). Couples experience sticker shock when they receive a quote from a florist in the multi-thousand dollar range and don’t know how to tell whether or not their quote makes sense.

To help our customers, we built Bev. Bev is a Facebook chatbot who helps customers understand what they should spend on their flowers. Bev takes into account the following factors before providing a ballpark budget:

  • The type of flower or flowers customers want to use
  • Whether or not the flower is in season during their wedding month
  • The size of their wedding, which assumes how many centerpieces will likely be needed based on guest count

It’s important to note that Bev’s budget predictions are not final. She has the knowledge to provide you with insight as to what the flowers you want cost in your season and to assume how many centerpieces you’ll need based off of how many guests you expect to attend your wedding. However, additional factors tie into what your true final cost will be which includes labor, delivery, supplies, location and more. Ultimately, it’s always best to have a consultation with the Bloomerent florist or florists of your choice to get a final quote. Bev is meant to help you understand what a realistic budget should be before you head into your florist meeting.

Click here to chat with Bev and learn more about what the flowers you love should cost when you’re getting married.

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