Spotlight on: Petals & Twigs

Petals & Twigs is a full-service florist in Richmond, VA.

Sarah Pollard Chiffriller, award-winning designer and owner, began in 2008 and has been nurturing her flower business to grow ever since. They have decorated some incredible places, from the Catskill Mountains in New York to the Homestead in western Virginia.

Before my wedding, my family, bridesmaids and I designed our reception and personal flowers (with A LOT of skilled help). As I was preparing to walk down the aisle, my mother noticed I didn’t have a bouquet-I didn’t notice! She went out to the church garden and cut a rose, some vinca vine, and few other weeds and sent me on my way. I was none the wiser…though I am now! …. That said, the bridal bouquet is important, but don’t loose sight of the reason for the wedding!

Inspiration: We find inspiration in so many places, a weed arching in the sunlight, a volunteer plant out of place, a fresh local dahlia, my great grandmothers needlework, and each other! Flowers are about creating a mood, an ambiance and enhancing the whole experience of your wedding. So let’s enhance your celebration!

Petals & Twigs serves the Richmond Metro Area.

Click here to connect with Sarah and her team directly for a consultation.

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