Spotlight on: Flowerful Events

Flowerful Events is a full service florist in Eatontown, NJ.

Owners Michael and Kristina are the full package when it comes to designing your wedding or event. From high-end florals at fair prices to rentals, lighting, custom backdrops and much more, Flowerful Events does it all. Based in NJ, their team designs many weddings in NYC as well and has traveled around the world for weddings. If you love Flowerful Events for your big day or event but need them to travel, just let them know.

Known for ingenious use of high quality materials and innovative concepts crafted with skill and precision, we believe that design should encompass an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Flowerful Events team spends weeks sifting, sorting, discussing, and examining all available options for a first look. We study every single detail from event location, light settings and room dimensions to color coordination and overall ambiance. The goal is to produce a unique event that is infused with clients’ personalities, reflecting their passions, style and snappy ideas. FE innovative approach to the art of decoration is strongly influenced by the valued traditions of quality craftsmanship and uninhibited creativity exhibited by master artisans of the past.

No matter what it takes, we promise to give you a spectacular event!

Click here to connect with the Flowerful Events team directly and visit their 9,000 square foot production facility to see where all of the magic happens.

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