Spotlight on: Until We Wed

Until We Wed is a boutique florist in Brooklyn, NY.

Laura, owner and head designer, mixes the elegance of blooms with the wildness of nature, allowing their natural movement to shape her arrangements.

I started Until We Wed in the midst of planning my own wedding. Budget was a big factor but I also wanted elements that felt like us, not a cookie-cutter collection that looked like everyone else’s.

What I found was a sea of sameness. Many arrangements were stuffy and old-fashioned and out of my budget. So I started experimenting with flowers and developed a style that blends elegance with the untamed side of nature.

Now, I design florals for people who feel the same as I did. Each arrangement is inspired by a couple’s unique relationship, vision, and vibe. So each bouquet feels like you.

If you want freedom from old-fashioned and stuffy arrangements, our florals are perfect for you.

Click here to connect with Laura directly for a consultation.

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