5 Secrets to Getting the Best Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Most people have been dreaming of their wedding since they were 5. We know you want nothing but the best. Every detail celebrates the love that you feel for each other and the journey that you’re about to start with your lifelong partner.

One of the key design decisions that transforms this special day into every couple’s fantasy are the perfect wedding flowers. Choose the right flowers and that’s half the mood set for the big day. But, really, how do you know if they’re the one?

Today, we’re sharing a few tried and tested tips to choose, get and save on the wedding flowers of your dreams. Hopefully, this short but comprehensive list can help you get a major tick on your wedding planning list.


Embrace your budget.

While blooms are the heart of wedding decorations, you shouldn’t break the bank for them.

Before going on florist appointments or setting your heart on specific arrangements, figure out your budget. Setting that early on saves you the disappointment of seeing samples of wedding flowers you cannot afford from florists who are notorious for expensive arrangements.

Be open and communicate your budget. A great florist will try to deliver the wedding flowers you want within the price point you’ve set.


Get to know florals.

Most couples who are getting married are no floral experts. That’s perfectly fine. Research can do you wonders.

Some preliminary things you need to consider when picking out wedding flowers include (1) color, (2) season, and (3) shape.


If you’re working with a theme, motif or a palette, let them determine and weave into what flowers are great as statement pieces and what can accent them.


Knowing what flowers are in season will help greatly in making them budget-friendly. They’ll also lessen the possibility of not getting the exact flowers you pictured because they didn’t bloom in time. Ask you florist for suggestions; they can help you pick seasonal flowers that fit your vision.


Lastly, play around with shapes. Go on Pinterest and create board or ask a few florists to give you samples. You can even peruse bridal magazines and cut out your favorites. What’s important is you have image of your floral and arrangement preferences.


Let them tell a story.

While we suggested getting inspired through research, it’s important to stay open and really assess how flowers speak to the rest of your design choices.

Remember, what you see on Pinterest or magazines are results of different factors coming into play – the bride’s dress, the venue for the ceremony and reception, other decors, the theme of the wedding itself and couple’s aesthetic.

To make sure the wedding flowers fit with everything else and tells a harmonious story, describe your design inspiration to your florist and bring samples and photos they can base their floral suggestions and arrangements off of.


Get listing.

Flowers play multiple roles in a wedding. For the ceremony, you’ll generally need bouquets and boutonnieres for the entourage and decorative floral arrangements for the venue. You also need centerpieces for the tables during the reception.

The best way to keep track of every arrangement you need is to list them all down and figure out what you want for each one – with the help of your florist, of course.


Timing is key.

Every successful wedding follows a timeline.

A year to nine months before your wedding, start researching and figuring out your floral preferences, then set appointments with florists whose arrangements speak to you and are within your budget. Three to six months later, hire your preferred florist and collaborate on the designs of the different arrangements you want on your big day. Follow your list and stay organized.

Three months before the wedding, finalize everything with your florist, and make sure they keep you updated, in case anything unexpected crops up.


Wedding flowers are a great opportunity to explore your creativity and personal aesthetics, and with the tips above, we hope it also adds the perfect amount of romance, character and style to your wedding while keeping within budget.

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