How to Get Swoon-Worthy Flower Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Weddings are the perfect excuse to unleash a couple’s inner Martha Stuart and bring to life their dream flower centerpieces. While the task seems daunting – after all, these arrangements determine the vibe of the entire reception area – it’s also very fulfilling.

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All you need is a brief overview of everything there is to know about flower centerpieces – a crash course, if you will. And, that’s what we’re here for, to serve as your personal guide to all things wedding centerpieces. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll feel excited and confident to tackle your own arrangements with your florist of choice.

How do I know what centerpieces are perfect for our wedding?

Every wedding flower arrangement can be assessed based on three key criteria, (1) style, (2) type and (3) cost. Floral style is usually based off the theme of the wedding, whether that’s traditional elegance, rustic farmhouse or whimsical charm.

For example, bohemian weddings usually feature centerpieces with wildflowers and mismatched jars for vases. In contrast, modern-themed nuptials tend to go for sleek and minimalist flower centerpieces.

Floral arrangements also have different types. They vary in height, shape, color palette, flower choices and accents. What you choose, in terms of style and type, will determine the cost that you’ll have to shell out for these pieces.


Amazing Flower Centerpieces for Your Wedding

The centerpiece is the focal point of every wedding reception décor. It turns heads, sets the mood and starts conversations simply by being stunning. That’s why couples, events planners and florists spend a lot of time perfecting each arrangement.

Photo by Amilia Photography; Florals by Enchanted Florist; Design by The New Eclectic

To help you out, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite types of arrangements. We’ll quickly go through what wedding styles they’re perfect for and where they fall on the high to low price spectrum.


Vertical or Tall Centerpieces

Vertical centerpieces are meant to make a statement but, depending on the flower choices, also remain minimal. It’s perfect for modern weddings which require sleek and clean floral arrangements.

Photo by BohemiaDelMar

You can also play up the romance by using softer-looking flowers like cherry blossoms, dahlias, light pink roses and trailing ivy. Because it only takes a few blooms and accents to perfect, these flower centerpieces are usually on the low to average price point.


Horizontal Floral Arrangements

Horizontal centerpieces have a rustic, even bohemian, feel to them. Generally, the flowers are either arranged in a row or zigzagged in a container to create a natural and earthy look.

Photo by Pretty Days, Thierry Joubert

Creative containers, like planters, ceramic bowls and oddly-shaped jars, are often used to finish off these centerpieces. Depending on what flowers you use and how many accents you’d like to add, these arrangements are usually also on the low to average price range.


 Classic Oval Centerpieces

The oval arrangement is distinguished by its carefully trimmed and skillfully placed flowers to create this full and tiered effect. It’s perfect for traditional and elegant nuptials, especially when the arrangement is made with crisp white flowers.

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer Photography


Photo by Greer Gattuso

You can also use a combination of light pinks, nudes or other subtle pastels, then add cascading flowers, for a really romantic centerpiece. The total cost of these arrangements will vary on your flower choice and how dense you’d like each piece to be. On average, they can range from low – for very minimalist designs – to high – for elegant flower options and a really full arrangement.


Alternative Flower Centerpieces       

If you’re really going for something different, unexpected and distinct, then you can try something out of the box. With the rising number of artsy and non-conventional weddings, alternative flower centerpieces are growing in popularity.

Photo by Bethany Erin

One of the more famous ones are the garland centerpieces. They mimic the horizonal floral arrangement but are easier to transport and set up. They also have a more rustic and carefree feel to them. Depending on the design and accents, the cost could be anywhere from low to average.


Whether you’re having a traditional wedding in your backyard or a quirky destination wedding, we hope we’ve given you a better insight into the options that are available to you. Surely, your creativity can come up with more flower centerpiece designs, but this list is a great place start.




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