Spotlight on: Bring Joy

Bring Joy is a full-service florist in Houston, TX.

I started Bring Joy because I wanted to share my passion for flowers with as many people as I can. I find pleasure in helping people plan their special events – from which flowers to pick down to the color. I will work with you on your vision to help you create something memorable. I also enjoy using reclaimed and vintage pieces when possible.

Bring Joy serves the greater Houston area.

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Spotlight on: Ball Park Floral

Ball Park Floral is a full-service florist in Grand Rapids, MI.

Ball Park Floral is family-owned and operated and specializes in everything from weddings, corporate events and special occasions to every day floral needs.

Whether your wedding or special occasion is formal or casual, a small gathering or the social event of the year, we can help you plan an event that’s a “blooming” success!

Ball Park Floral serves the Grand Rapids area.

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Spotlight on: Dominique Pagan Inc.

Dominique Pagan Inc. is a floral, event, and styling studio in Brooklyn.

Dominique and her team strive to evoke wonder and beauty through their one of a kind floral creations and event designs. They pride themselves on their close attention to detail and ability to flawlessly execute a variety of events. Their wide base of clients ranges from beauty brands to brides.

After graduating from college she dove into designing retail spaces, which ultimately translated into a passion for  styling and event design. It was during this process that she was introduced to florals, and fell in love with using them as a medium of artistic expression.

Dominique pulls inspiration from the culture, colors and architecture of New York City. She loves finding beauty in the grungy, obscure and unconventional.

Dominique Pagan Inc. serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, Upstate NY, New Jersey, and Long Island.

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Flower & Diamond Buying Myth Busting

When it comes to engagement and wedding season, people have a lot of outdated opinions in the diamond & flower world. We’re here bust some diamond & flower buying myths & save you some money in the process.


You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to flowers and diamonds! When it comes to engagement and wedding season, people have a lot of outdated opinions on what’s what in the diamond and flower world and we’re here to set the record straight and save you some money in the process.

Here are few “myths” we commonly hear and now we get to bust!

For flowers:

Greenery is always cheaper

While this is true some of the time, it is not a hard and fast rule. Certain kinds of greenery, such as eucalyptus, often requires more branches to look full, which can increase price. Greenery is also often used as table runners, which can reduce the cost if you’re flexible on the density of the runner. Generally, local and seasonal greens are the best way to keep the cost down.

Carnations aren’t a sophisticated flower

When customers often think of carnations they think of supermarket quality in primary colors. Recently however, farmers have started to grow really interesting varieties of carnations that look more like peonies or ranunculus.

Flowers are only good for one night

When you buy flowers from the market they don’t die after 6 days. You keep them for at least a week and then replace them. So why, when you’re spending thousands on flowers, would you toss them after 5 hours? We (obviously) are big believers in repurposing flowers.

Whether you’re repurposing the flowers from your rehearsal dinner for your ceremony or even sharing your flowers with another wedding entirely, you should expect your flowers to be beautiful the day after your wedding.

For diamonds:

Colorless is better

Icy-white diamonds just happen to be the modern standard for diamonds, but that doesn’t mean they’re prettier or “better” diamonds. Just more popular and more expensive. In fact, if we took a trip down memory lane to the Gatsby era, you’d find that warm diamonds (with hints of hello) were considered more romantic. Warm diamonds throw fire that’s equivalent to a candlelight glow, and white diamonds have more of an icy rainbow effect. It’s all just a matter of personal choice, but there’s a lot of money to be saved when going against the grain and investing in a warm H-K diamond.

Emerald cut diamonds don’t sparkle

That’s not entirely true. In fact, this statement is a lot like comparing apples and oranges.  If you’re part of the “emerald diamonds don’t sparkle” camp, we’d bet you’ve never seen a truly beautifully cut one. There’s a reason that icons like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor preferred this glamorous cut.

The reason that emerald cut diamonds get this bad rep is because they’re unfairly compared to round, cushion and oval cuts – which are brilliantly cut for maximum fire and sparkle. An emerald cut diamond is NOT a brilliant cut diamond, but a step cut diamond. And so the stone is cut to reflect light like a mirror, not twinkle like it’s brilliant cut counterparts. The idea is more understated glamour, rather than blinding sparkle.

Diamonds are expensive because they are rare


Look, we love diamonds. Our name is Rare Carat for Pete’s sake — but we’re not going to let you believe that garbage. White diamonds are not rare. And the entire reason we’re in business is to start bringing that cost per carat down to size, because the truth is, white diamonds are one of the most common materials on earth. The reason they’re so expensive? It’s a little trick in the diamond industry, called false scarcity. Meaning the industry holds back a certain number of mined diamonds, to make sure they don’t exactly have enough for the buyers — meaning they can charge more because now they’ve created scarcity out of a very common stone. Pair that with some awesome “ a diamond is forever” marketing, and you’ve got a stone that everyone wants, an industry that knows how to parcel it out as needed.

We’re working hard to bring those prices back down to size. Learn more about Rare Carat’s mission here.

* This blog is part of a week-long series in partnership with Rare Carat. To get more tips and facts about flowers and diamond costs, make sure to check out the Bloomerent and Rare Carat blog. 

Why Your Flower Centerpieces Cost So Much (& How to Fix That)

Learn why flower centerpieces cost more than your engagement ring & get floral insider tips on how you can save big on gorgeous wedding flower arrangements.

When breaking down the wedding budget and deciding how much to spend, we tend to list the biggest (and most expensive) items first. You know: the dress, the venue, the centerpieces.

Yes, you read that right: the centerpieces. Flowers can cost as much as a small country. OK, maybe a really small country, but still they’re shockingly expensive.

Be prepared to be quoted a number that rivals what you and your SO spent on your engagement ring.

And while a diamond is forever, flowers most certainly are not – so that makes the price tag all the more shocking.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to hear about brides quoted $25K for centerpieces they thought would cost $10K or less.

How does that happen? How do flowers end up costing more than diamonds?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to not only comparison shop, but to find the actual  value of the exact diamond you’re looking for — without compromising on style, look, and quality.

But when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your big day without going over budget, it can get a little more tricky, which is exactly why Bloomerent was founded. Bloomerent helps couples in the same area, who are getting married just a few days apart, share floral arrangements – while saving money for sharing.

Still wondering why flowers cost so much? Here are three reasons your florist is set to charge more than you think.   

Flowers have a very short lifespan (but longer than you think)

One of the reasons that floral arrangements can easily run upwards of $5K+ per wedding may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating: cut flowers have a very short lifespan.

But not as short as you think.

While you’re paying for the fragility of fresh flowers, they aren’t as frail and fragile as you’d guess and actually can survive longer than the big day itself. Fresh flowers can actually last anywhere between 5-13 days which is why it makes perfect sense to share the floral budget with a nearby bride who shares your sense of style.

Local vs Global

Think of florists as artists. And we love that about them. But as with all artists, cost isn’t the first thing on their mind. Creating their vision is.

And there’s a place for that.

But if you’re not a multi-millionaire, or you simply don’t want to overpay for flowers, then paying an extra $20K to ensure that your Japanese rose blossoms are actually from Japan, just isn’t going to be worth it.

Also, you’ll pay a lot more money for flowers if you select blooms that aren’t local to your area, since it costs a pretty penny to import fresh flowers.

Of course, you can get any kind of flowers you want, but know that if you stick to a local palette, your costs will be much, much less.

Labor and Delivery

And we’re not talking babies.

Another reason your bill from your favorite local florist can suddenly skyrocket is all that time spent on designing your dream arrangement – and then of course the fees associated with delivering them, assembling them, and making sure they look perfect before you and the guests arrive.

Keep in mind the more complicated your arrangements – the more “design” that goes into them, jacking up the amount of work, the care during delivery, and of course the price.

So what’s a bride-to-be to do instead?

Only use flowers that are local and in season. Allow another wedding in the same weekend and area as yours to reuse your flowers so you both save money.

The key to staying in your budget when planning your dream wedding…

Is not only to comparison shop (thank you Internet!), but to do your research, and have a working knowledge of what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on.

If you go into flower-shopping knowing what elements of your arrangements are non-negotiable and what price-pits to avoid, you’ll be able to get your dream centerpiece for a fairy-tale price.

This blog is part of a week-long series in partnership with Rare Carat. To get more tips and facts about flowers and diamond costs, make sure to check out the Bloomerent and Rare Carat blog. 

2014 Holiday Flower Trends

Holidays bring people together – it’s the time of year to gather with friends and family and celebrate. No holiday table is complete without a floral arrangement or some kind of a centerpiece. So, what’s the trend this holiday season? We went to our floral experts and compiled a few great and fashionable ideas for you to keep in mind when choosing your holiday centerpiece.

Green is in! While being green and using Bloomerent for your floral centerpiece needs is definitely trendy, the green we’re talking about here are fresh evergreens. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine or the aromatic cedar scent filling your home to put you in the winter holiday mood. There are so many wonderful evergreens to choose from, too! Decorate them with pine cones and cinnamon sticks (also good for your holiday adult beverages) then add a splash of color with your favorite season winter blooms. And then, invite us over.

Use unique flowers that are in season only during the wintertime. Here on the East Coast, one of such flowers is Amaryllis. Amaryllis comes in many different shades of red, white, green, and bi-color.  It is thought to be the most regal and beautiful winter flower by many floral designers.  While it doesn’t have a fragrance, it more than makes up for it in it’s statue and glamour. Just a few of these in your holiday centerpiece will have your guests talking about that floral arrangement on your table!

Ornaments and ribbons are not just for Christmas trees and holiday wreaths. Pick out beautiful ornaments and ribbons to add flair to your holiday flower arrangements. These could be personalized or just have that extra special touch with some glitter and sparkle in gold or silver, or any other colors that you can’t get your flowers in. Try to coordinate these with the color of the table chargers or the napkin rings, or any other detail displayed on your holiday table. This will present a pulled together designer-like look.

For more floral and event ideas, sign up for our newsletter. We’d love to see pictures of your holiday centerpieces and table settings. Please share them with us in the comment section below. Happy Holidays!

Bloomerent Joins The Sharing Economy

Sharing is practical. It creates an opportunity for people to get more by doing and spending less. Most of us living in Manhattan, for example, don’t own cars because they’re expensive to have and there’s nowhere to park them (and there’s enough public transportation to get by). When it’s nice out, walking is favorable. But what if you need a car for a few hours of errands? Or a business meeting outside of the city? Companies like Zipcar resolve these minor issues by letting us share their cars seamlessly without any commitment. We let people share our homes through companies like Airbnb and Homeaway. We share clothes with complete strangers around the country through Rent the Runway. Why pay full price to own a dress you’ll only wear once a year when you can rent 5 amazing dresses for the same price? The peer-to-peer economy simply allows people to have access to things they otherwise wouldn’t, or couldn’t, have.

So, why not be resourceful and share things like flowers? This makes sense no matter where you’re living or hosting an event. We spend months, sometimes even years, planning these beautiful events involving floral arrangements only to throw them out after the 4-5 hours of use. Flowers are considered useless after such a short amount of time but are actually still fresh and with proper care, good as new. In some cases, flowers are even more fresh the second day than they were the first. Most florists have their own studios and are experts on taking the necessary steps to repurposing flowers. On top of the general idea of getting more and spending less, there are environmental benefits to sharing with Bloomerent. There is no way to completely eliminate the impact cut flowers have on our environment without excluding them entirely; however, sharing is a way to reduce the effect dramatically and is explained here. The ability to create a centerpiece for your event and share it with someone having an event the day before or after yours is exciting and, well, flattering. Likewise, being able to share beautiful centerpieces that were already put together for an event before yours, without having to do as much planning or spending? You’re welcome.