Spotlight on: Cape Lily

Cape Lily is a floral designer in NYC.

Cape Lily’s founder, Sylvia, is a South African floral designer in NYC.

I was born in South Africa to a florist and a gardener, surrounded by infinite lush indigenous floral vegetation to play with. I still believe that the flowers grown closest to you are the best quality and I prefer to design with locally grown or “slow” flowers. 

Before returning to my floral roots I was a Management Consultant specializing in IT Services, Process Design & Project Management for government institutions and Fortune 500 companies in London and New York. 

Today I use the skills from my corporate days to benefit my new clients: simplifying and optimizing the wedding experience for our brides and curating immersive programs for fellow designers and flower lovers looking to escape on a Botanical Journey.

Cape Lily serves NYC, NY, NJ, LI and Hudson Valley.

Click here to connect directly with Sylvia and her team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Flowerful Events

Flowerful Events is a full service florist in Eatontown, NJ.

Owners Michael and Kristina are the full package when it comes to designing your wedding or event. From high-end florals at fair prices to rentals, lighting, custom backdrops and much more, Flowerful Events does it all. Based in NJ, their team designs many weddings in NYC as well and has traveled around the world for weddings. If you love Flowerful Events for your big day or event but need them to travel, just let them know.

Known for ingenious use of high quality materials and innovative concepts crafted with skill and precision, we believe that design should encompass an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Flowerful Events team spends weeks sifting, sorting, discussing, and examining all available options for a first look. We study every single detail from event location, light settings and room dimensions to color coordination and overall ambiance. The goal is to produce a unique event that is infused with clients’ personalities, reflecting their passions, style and snappy ideas. FE innovative approach to the art of decoration is strongly influenced by the valued traditions of quality craftsmanship and uninhibited creativity exhibited by master artisans of the past.

No matter what it takes, we promise to give you a spectacular event!

Click here to connect with the Flowerful Events team directly and visit their 9,000 square foot production facility to see where all of the magic happens.

Spotlight on: Until We Wed

Until We Wed is a boutique florist in Brooklyn, NY.

Laura, owner and head designer, mixes the elegance of blooms with the wildness of nature, allowing their natural movement to shape her arrangements.

I started Until We Wed in the midst of planning my own wedding. Budget was a big factor but I also wanted elements that felt like us, not a cookie-cutter collection that looked like everyone else’s.

What I found was a sea of sameness. Many arrangements were stuffy and old-fashioned and out of my budget. So I started experimenting with flowers and developed a style that blends elegance with the untamed side of nature.

Now, I design florals for people who feel the same as I did. Each arrangement is inspired by a couple’s unique relationship, vision, and vibe. So each bouquet feels like you.

If you want freedom from old-fashioned and stuffy arrangements, our florals are perfect for you.

Click here to connect with Laura directly for a consultation.

Spotlight on: PoppyHill Flowers

PoppyHill Flowers is a wedding and event florist in Los Angeles, CA.

Laura, owner of PoppyHill Flowers, launched in 2012 and has been designing the most beautiful events with flowers ever since.

We believe in two things. Story is tied into all the best experiences in our lives, and everyone deserves moments of complete and utter beauty, designed specially for them. Our hope is that when you see your flowers on your wedding day or special event, you are reminded that you are unrepeatable, infinitely valued and wonderfully made.

Click here to connect with Laura and her team directly.

Spotlight on: Flowers by Sam

Flowers by Sam is a full-service floral design company in Los Angeles, CA.

Sam was a featured designers on David Tutera’s hit show “My Fair Wedding” and has been featured in three editions of Los Angeles Bridal Magazine, Brides Magazine and in Ebony online.

Our goal at Flowers By Sam is to provide you with exceptional service and to make the planning process an easy and enjoyable one for you.  We will provide an estimate via email or phone, or we can meet you near your home, work, or at your venue for a complimentary consultation and estimate. We are a full-service floral design company specializing in Weddings and Events with a wide range of experience

Flowers by Sam serves Southern California including Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Pasadena Inland Empire.

We are a preferred vendor at locations across Southern CA with many opportunities for matches including:

    • Calamigos Ranch
    • Calamigos Equestrian
    • The Victorian
    • First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
    • Dukes Malibu
    • The Pomona Valley Mining Company
    • House of Blues – Gardenwalk in Anaheim.

Flowers By Sam was a featured Designer on David Tutera’s hit show “My Fair Wedding”. We have been featured in three editions of the Los Angeles Bridal Magazine, Brides Magazine and in Ebony Online.

Our goal at Flowers By Sam is to provide you with exceptional service and to make the planning process an easy and enjoyable one for you.  We will provide an estimate via email or phone, or we can meet you near your home, work, or at your venue for a complimentary consultation and estimate. We are a full-service floral design company specializing in Weddings and Events with a wide range of experience.

Let’s discuss your ideas! Your free consultation is just an email or phone call away. Click here to connect with Sam and his team directly.

Spotlight on: Petals & Twigs

Petals & Twigs is a full-service florist in Richmond, VA.

Sarah Pollard Chiffriller, award-winning designer and owner, began in 2008 and has been nurturing her flower business to grow ever since. They have decorated some incredible places, from the Catskill Mountains in New York to the Homestead in western Virginia.

Before my wedding, my family, bridesmaids and I designed our reception and personal flowers (with A LOT of skilled help). As I was preparing to walk down the aisle, my mother noticed I didn’t have a bouquet-I didn’t notice! She went out to the church garden and cut a rose, some vinca vine, and few other weeds and sent me on my way. I was none the wiser…though I am now! …. That said, the bridal bouquet is important, but don’t loose sight of the reason for the wedding!

Inspiration: We find inspiration in so many places, a weed arching in the sunlight, a volunteer plant out of place, a fresh local dahlia, my great grandmothers needlework, and each other! Flowers are about creating a mood, an ambiance and enhancing the whole experience of your wedding. So let’s enhance your celebration!

Petals & Twigs serves the Richmond Metro Area.

Click here to connect with Sarah and her team directly for a consultation.

Spotlight on: Geranium Lake Flowers

Geranium Lake Flowers is a full-service florist in Portland, Oregon.

Classically trained as a fine art painter, owner Kim Foren fosters an innovative, whimsical, artistic, and energetic environment in her Floral Art Studio. Geranium Lake is the largest full-service florist in Oregon and specializes in unique, inventive, and gorgeous designs. As people who so dearly treasure natural resources, we do our best to buy local flowers, compost and re-purpose. Enter Bloomerent!

Through Kim’s masterful design, vision, and direction, Geranium Lake has become Portland’s premiere floral and event company, and we’re all sure that her 23rd year in business will be another filled with gorgeous flowers and unbelievable beauty.

Geranium Lake serves the Portland Metro area and travels throughout Oregon state. They are also willing to travel across the country for your wedding or event.

Click here to connect with Kim and her team directly for a consultation.

Spotlight on: Mellow Botanical

Mellow Botanical is a wedding and event florist in Dover, NH.

Mellow is a floral studio that has evolved into handmade jewelry and custom veils, too.

Mellow started as a big idea in 2014, right around the time that I was getting married. I was frustrated and overwhelmed with not only my vendor options, but how I was constantly talked into lighting upgrades, dining upgrades, decor upgrades… you get it, and so, Mellow was born. I do not believe in unsolicited upgrades or wedding budget statistics. This is your party, and we can do exactly what you want to do.

Mellow serves the Dover, NH area and surrounding suburbs.

Click here to connect with the Mellow team directly for a consultation.

Introducing Bundles by Bloomerent

New, past and future Bloomerent brides and grooms,

You asked, and as always, we listened. You wanted to change the things that frustrated you about the current customer-to-florist booking relationship to create a better one. We kept everything you love about Bloomerent and added everything you felt was missing when we created our latest product: Bundles.

Bundles by Bloomerent allows couples to purchase wedding flowers from florists in bundles, based off of their budget and needs, to make buying flowers quicker, easier and more transparent. We turned a months-long process into one that takes minutes.

You asked us to fix two problems:

Transparency. Like any good relationship, you wanted the one with your florist to be upfront and transparent before diving in. You wanted to know how much it would cost to buy flowers from your chosen florists right away, which is nearly impossible for a florist to know without more information since it’s dependent on so many factors. We turned the nearly impossible into the immediately possible by working with florists to put a price tag on the most popular and requested flowers for your wedding. Based on flower types and the season of your wedding, Bundles by Bloomerent gives you upfront and transparent pricing on everything from low centerpieces filled with in-season flowers to tall, lush centerpieces filled with peonies and orchids. Cancel those weekend meetings with multiple florists to get proposals for comparison and buy your flowers in minutes instead of months.

Budget. It’s no secret that we are huge advocates for our florists and how much time, effort and money goes into your florists bringing your vision to life. Sometimes couples have strict budgets that unfortunately cannot be accommodated by florists because it is too low, while other times, they just aren’t sure what a realistic budget should be for their needs. Enter Bundles. We worked with florists to create three separate bundles for couples with different budgets and needs. This lets both customers and florists efficiently expedite the process of purchasing wedding flowers and making sure, in minutes, that you’re a great fit to work together. Each bundle tier has different florists who can accommodate the amount of flowers necessary for the price.


We answered the most frequently asked questions you had about Bundles:

How does this work?
Couples can choose to purchase their flowers by the bundle based on their needs (amount of flowers needed — centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, whether they want seasonal flowers or premium since the cost will be different, whether they want high or low centerpieces, etc.). This allows couples to get a set price upfront that is transparent and gives the florist all of the information necessary to begin customizing flowers with the couple once they’ve purchased the bundle which means they’ve booked a florist that we will match them with.

How is my bundle price calculated?
We worked with our florists to better understand how they calculated pricing for their customers. By doing so, we were able to land on the best price for flowers (e.g., low centerpieces with in-season flowers versus high centerpieces with in-season flowers), while offering special upgrades to couples who have more specific needs (e.g., high centerpieces with out-of-season flowers and garlands). Our goal was to make sure couples get transparent pricing upfront without having to compare multiple proposals from florists, making Bundles a win/win for couples and florists.

Can the price go up after I purchase my bundle?
When you check out, you pay an upfront 50% deposit of your order to guarantee your florist for the day of your event. Your florist will reach out to you to finalize any style decisions. If you make changes or want more than what your bundle offers, any adjustments will be added to your final payment (due one month before your wedding). If you work with your florist to stay within the means of your purchased bundle and add-ons, the price will not go up.

What happens if I purchase a bundle then change my mind after speaking to my florist?
If you change your mind within two business days after purchasing your bundle, let us know and we will refund you or find you a new florist – whichever you prefer. We encourage you to speak to your florist as soon as they reach out to begin collaborating so that you’re able to let us know if you’re unhappy right away.

Is labor and delivery included in my bundle price?
Yes. All of our bundles include labor and delivery to fairly compensate our florists for their time and labor. At checkout, you will see a breakdown of your bundle and costs. Unless you make any additions between checkout and your wedding day, this will be the final price.  

Can I choose my florist?

At the moment, we’ll match you with your florist. To see which florists we work with, check out the Our Florists page here or head to Bloomerent to view their profiles. We’re working on making this process as seamless and comfortable for you, the couple, as possible so check back often.

What if I purchase a bundle and then there’s no florist available for my date?
In the event that we can’t find a florist due to availability on your date, we will let you know within 2-3 business days and reimburse you in full.

What is the difference between in-season and out-of-season flowers?
Flowers that are considered in season are easier to source and the most cost-friendly option. Different flowers are in season at different times, which is why we ask you which month you’re getting married in so we can keep you informed. Flowers that are out of season are tougher to source and significantly more expensive to purchase (such as peonies and orchids, for example). Some out-of-season flowers have a very short in-season timeframe that even when they are available, they’re still too expensive to be considered in season. For this reason, we make every effort to tell you which flowers are in season and out of season so that you can decide which you’d like for your wedding and what they will cost. You can always make any changes with your florist if you change your mind!

Spotlight on: The Little Glass Slipper

The Little Glass Slipper is a wedding florist in Brooklyn, NY.

The idea behind The Little Glass Slipper was to provide brides with the highest quality flowers and design while working with local, seasonable flowers whenever possible.

The style is loose and organic but modern and clean.  There is a control to the quality of Cary’s work that creates a sophisticated end product. She uses high quality natural rustic elements to highlight the beauty of the flowers used. She also has vintage and or antique items for rent reminiscent of her childhood. She grew up in a home full of antiques with a mother who loved party design. These two influences have informed her and shaped her aesthetic.

The Little Glass Slipper serves the Greater New York area.

Click here to connect with Cary and her team directly for a consultation.