Real Bloomerent Weddings: Aviva & Yoni

Aviva, a Bloomerent bride, knew she wanted to have DIY design elements for her September 2017 wedding at Oceanbleu at the Westhampton Bath and Tennis Club; however, she knew that she wanted to leave the flowers to the professionals. She connected with Glen Head Flower Shop through Bloomerent and they were able to perfectly execute her unstated yet elegant vision.

We asked Aviva to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

When I first contacted Bloomerent they were very new and didn’t have florists in my area. However we reconnected several months later and they were able to connect me with Alayna from GHFS who was a joy to work with.

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

I had read some press on a new start-up that was revolutionizing the wedding flower industry and immediately knew I must connect with them.

Were you the first or second event?

Since Bloomerent was new to the area, there was no other bride available to share flowers with, so I ended up being the only event!

How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?

I had visited a few other florists but until I met Alayna from GHFS I was very confused about the floral process. She helped ease the process for me and I am very grateful to have connected with her through the Bloomerent team.

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?

Absolutely. Even though I didn’t get to share my flowers, the Bloomerent team was a pleasure to work with. They introduced me to a trusted florist who I had a great experience with. They even credited me $100 towards my flowers in a Cyber Monday deal for working with one of their florists!

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

We had a beach wedding, with lots of DIY elements.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

Because of the nature of our DIY Beach wedding, I wanted the flowers to be very simple and understated. I chose all white flowers with tons of greenery. We had long garlands of greenery with some white flowers and pillar candles running along the kings tables. The bridesmaid had single flower bouquets and my flower girl, my 90 year old Grandma Pearl, donned a flower crown for her walk down the aisle.

How was your experience working with your florist?

My experience with the florist was great. She was very attentive in answering all my questions and working within my budget to give me everything I wanted. She set up beautiful samples before the wedding so I felt very comfortable knowing what I would be getting. On the day of the wedding, the venue scheduled a “board meeting” in our ballroom (to my surprise and dismay) so my Florist and her team had to wait hours before being able to set up. I felt so bad, but they were gracious and courteous and ensured me not to worry and that they would get everything done in time. They certainly did!

What was the highlight of your wedding?

Our entire wedding was just a blast! We had a beautiful beachside ceremony with waves crashing behind us. My cousin Alexa, a professional Opera Singer, performed at the ceremony which was simply beautiful. The party was out of control fun!! And our beach bonfire after party was a great way to wind down after the main festivities were over. I wouldn’t change a thing!

*All photos by Michael Webber

2018 Floral Trends

We polled our community of florists to find out what the experts think will be the biggest trends of 2018 and which trends our florists think will stay back in 2017 (so last year). We also asked YOU to see what you think about floral trends in 2018.

Ultra Violet

As the Pantone Color of the year, Ultra Violet is going to be all the rage when it comes to wedding flowers. With couples opting for more color in general, the majority of our florists picked Ultra Violet as the biggest trend of 2018.

Bloomerent florist Bride and Blossom shared with us, “The beauty of ultra violet is that it pairs so well with many different color palettes, from a monochromatic palette of ultra violet, fuchsia, lavender, pink and burgundy, to a muted palette of lilac, violet, dusty rose, mauve and hints of olive and pale green.”

Photos: Once Upon a Time a Wedding, I take You, Happy WeddJennifer Pinder, Domino

Photo: Bride & Blossom

Photo: Flowers by Stem

Photo: @weddingtidbits

Photo: Nuria Cienfuegos Photography

Photo: Jennifer Pinder

Dutch Masters Inspired Arrangements

Couples have been requesting more deconstructed arrangements in the past few years and the current trend is remarkably similar to the old Dutch Masters paintings. The combination of fruit and greenery paired with fewer, but larger, blooms draws upon the artistic nature of this period.

San Francisco Bloomerent florist Rust and Flourish adds, “I love the Dutch Masters floral trend picking up! We are exposed to so many unique materials to use for these beautifully large statement centerpieces with intense movement and bold colors.”

Photo: @Tulipinadesign & Jean Joseph-Xavier Bidauld

Photo: Larkspur Botanicals

Photo: Wild Floral Design

Photo: Petunia Bergamot

Photo: Rust & Flourish

Unique Floral Installations

The trend started with flower walls but in the past year has been consistently elevated. In 2018, we can expect to see amazing ceremony pieces, incredible hanging arrangements and floating floral pieces over dance floors.

Photo: Style Me Pretty, Pinterest

Photo: Faye + Renee

Photo: Bride & Blossom

Photo: Aaron Delesie

Photo: M+ J Photography


Which Trends are Out in 2018?

Our florists were unified in their opinions. The decor and floral trends that are over in 2018 are messy greenery runners made primarily of eucalyptus. Some also noted that baby’s breath and mason jars as vases will not be trending this year.


How did you Rate 2018 Trends?

Wedding Flowers: Cost per Season

Knowing which flowers are in season when you get married is important to know as it will significantly impact what your total bill will be. Below we’ve listed many of the most popular wedding flowers and when they’re in season for the best pricing.

Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily) is available year-round but most plentiful in June-September.


Amaryllis can be accessed year-round but is most available November-April.


Anemone are in season November-May. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Baby’s breath is available year-round and is a cost effective option.


Bouvardia is available year-round.


Calla Lily’s are available year-round but most plentiful November-May.


Camellia is available October-April. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Carnations are available year-round and are a cost effective option.


Casablanca Lily is the most expensive Lily and available year-round.


Chrysanthemum is available year-round and most plentiful August-October.


Spider Chrysanthemum is cheaper than traditional Chrysanthemum and most plentiful August-October.


Button Chrysanthemum is the cheapest of the variety and most plentiful August-October.


Craspedia is available year-round.


Daffodil (also known as Narcissus) is available November-April. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Standard Dahlia’s are available late June-October. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Dinnerplate Dahlia’s are significantly larger than the standard version. They are available late June-October. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Daisies are available year-round and are a cost effective option.


Delphinium is available year-round and most plentiful in June-October. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Dusty Miller is available year-round.


Eucalyptus is available year-round.


Freesia is available year-round and has the most colorful variety June-August.


Fern is available year-round.


Garden Roses are available year-round.


Gardenia is available year-round and most plentiful when they grow outside April-August.


Small Gerbera Daisies are available year-round.


Large Gerbera Daisies are available year-round.


Hyacinth (also known as Muscari) is available November-May. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Hydrangeas are available year-round and most plentiful July-November.


Iris is available year-round and most plentiful April-August. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Larkspur is a variety of Delphinium. They are available year-round and most plentiful in June-October. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Lilies (or a Lily variation) are available year-round.

Lily of the Valley peaks for a short period of time in May. It is available in April and June or throughout the year for a significantly higher price.

Lisianthus is available year-round.

Myrtle is available year-round.

Dendrobium Orchids are available year-round and are the cheapest Orchid option.

Cymbidium Orchids are available year-round and are the most expensive Orchid option.

Ornithogalum (also known as Start of Bethlehem) is available year-round.

Peonies are plentiful in late May-June. They are available out of season at a higher price point.

Phlox is available June-November.

Poppies are most plentiful April-August. They are available out of season at a higher price point.

Protea is available year-round.

Queen Anne’s Lace is available April-September. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Ranunculus is in season November-April. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Roses are available year-round.


David Austin Roses are available year-round and are the most expensive Roses.


Ruscus is available year-round.


Salal (also known as Lemon Leaf) is available year-round.


Snapdragons are most plentiful June-August but can be accessed year-round for a higher price.


Spray Roses are available year-round.


Stephanotis is available year-round.


Succulents are available year-round.


Sunflowers are available August-October. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Sweet Pea is available November-June. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Tuberose is available June-September.


Tulips have many different varieties and are most plentiful November-May. They are available out of season at a higher price point.


Veronica is available year-round.

If you have any additional flowers you would like added to the list, let us know!

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Couples are always looking for cost-saving tips while planning their wedding (hey, things add up!). Below are Bloomerent’s suggestions on ways to cut costs while still having the blooms of your dreams on your big day.

  1. Share your flowers with Bloomerent! Sharing your flowers is the easiest way to have beautiful fresh flowers at your event while having the option to save money. When you head to, you have the option to be the first or second event. As the first event, you find and book your florist through Bloomerent and have complete creative control of your flowers. After you choose your centerpieces, Bloomerent lists them on our website for another event to reuse the next day. If another event chooses to use them second, you will get 10% back. As the second event, you head to and browse our reused floral marketplace for centerpieces available in your weekend (and save 40%-60%). Flowers have a lifespan of 3-14 days and both events work directly with the florist, so your flowers always look perfect.
  2. Only work with in-season flowers. Many couples make the mistake of walking into their florist meetings with very specific flowers in mind. If you’re on a budget, the best mindset to have is a flexible one. Tell your florist what flowers you like, show them pictures, and then ask them what seasonal options they would suggest to keep the cost down. For example, if you know you want peonies, January is not your month.
  3. Repurpose your bridesmaids bouquets from the ceremony to the reception. If you’re already having low arrangements on the table, ask your florist to repurpose the bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces before your guests enter the reception. You can also reuse their bouquets to decorate your sweetheart table.
  4. Add Greenery. Have a lot of greenery in your arrangements or opt for a green floral table runner. Having fresh flowers at your wedding or event doesn’t mean you need 20+ flowers in a centerpiece to make it look stunning. Opting for more greenery and fewer buds in your centerpieces will keep the cost down while still allowing your arrangements to look lush and full.
  5. Go local with your flower choice. Similarly to choosing out of season blooms, choosing rare varieties of flowers that need to be shipped from across seas have a higher price tag. Start your meeting by asking your florist what local flower varieties you can consider for your blooms and you will immediately begin to cut costs.

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Jerra & Eric

Jerra, a Bloomerent bride, described her inspiration as Urban Chic meets Modern Art Deco for her March 2017 wedding at 501 Union in Brooklyn, NY. She worked with Bloomerent florist Wyld NYC and together with the owner, Lydia, conceptualized centerpieces with movement and whimsy to contrast against the modern environment.

We asked Jerra to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

I was browsing Pinterest and came across an article about the various things you can rent for your wedding. Flowers and Bloomerent were one of the first things listed.

Did you find your florist through Bloomerent and were you the first or second event?

Yes I did and I was the first event. 

How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?

I’m so grateful to live in a city like New York where the options are endless, but that can also be a bit daunting. I struggled to find the right place to start when looking for a florist and then once I did I was overwhelmed with options. Bloomerent had a curated list of florists that was previously vetted. It made the process of selecting the right florist simpler, easier, and faster.

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?

Absolutely – already have!

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

Urban Chic meets Modern Art Deco. We fell in love with the bold patterned wallpaper, grand marble bars, geometric lines, urban garden, and industrial chic mixed with modern glamour vibe of our venue. We wanted to incorporate these elements into everything from our invitations to décor and attire, while still keeping things natural with whimsical flowers and materials like brass, copper, slate and stone.

We also wanted a more fun night that felt very “us” so we used rich colors and a lighthearted approach when writing stationery and selecting music, as opposed to anything too formal or romantic.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

The wedding party attire and table decor were sleek and structured so I wanted the flowers to be the element that infused movement, texture and color. I also wanted a hint of whimsy so in addition to flowers we incorporated unique greenery and air plants, used bud vases in a variety of shapes and sizes, and asked that each arrangement be slightly different.

How was your experience working with your florist?

Fantastic! Lydia was so pleasant to work with and paid a lot of attention to the details. She is extremely talented and you can tell she takes pride in her work and wants everything to be perfect for her couples. She took my vision and executed it even better than I could have imagined.

How did you feel knowing that your flowers wouldn’t end up in the trash?

I hated the idea of spending a lot of money on something so beautiful that would be thrown away at the end of the night. I was very happy to know they would have a second life – that more people could enjoy them on another day.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

Pausing to sit at our sweetheart table and taking it all in. Looking around and seeing all our hard work in planning come to life with beautiful flowers, decor, music, etc. was amazing. Seeing all the smiling faces on friends and family having such a fun time really made it an extra special night. Singing at the top of my lungs to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with said friends and family was also pretty epic.

What made you decide to be the First Event?

I’ve never been a big flower person, but as a creative director (my day job) with a fairly strong point of view when it comes to design, if I was going to have flowers at all I knew I wanted to be closely involved in the process. I wanted every stem to be special and unique, and understood that the negative space around the flowers was just as important as the actual bud, to ensure each flower was beautifully featured. I worked closely with Lydia on the types of flowers, colors and shapes of the arrangements to get everything perfect. I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity for that level of involvement as the second event.

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

The first and arguably most important decision you’ll make when planning your big day is your venue, which is also when you nail down your wedding date. After all, this is where you’ll celebrate your newlywed status with all of your loved ones and will be the backdrop of all your beautiful photos. Once you have that down, you’re ready to start planning the rest of your wedding (if you haven’t already, time to create a Pinterest account). What are some helpful tips for choosing a venue, you ask? Here’s what we think:

1.     Consider your guest list. Many venues, especially indoor, have a maximum capacity rule and charge a per-person fee. Think about how many people you think will RSVP yes and triple check that your venue and budget can accommodate that number.

2.     Speaking of per-person fees, ask what that includes if your venue offers it. Most places are all-inclusive and aside from dinner and drinks, also provide tables, chairs, linens, silverware, cake, etc. This can make planning a bit easier and sometimes more budget-friendly, but make sure you love what they’re offering so you can plan around it.

3.     In-house versus outdoor vendors. Many venues require that you use some or all of their in-house vendors, from catering to floral and even music. Others allow you to bring in any vendor of your choice or some compromise of the two. Discuss your preferences with your partner and venue before booking so there are no surprises later.

4.     Consider the weather. Unfortunately the weather is unpredictable and what’s supposed to be a sunny day can end up in rain or snow, depending on the season. If you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, talk to your venue about their last-minute weather alternatives. Can you move the ceremony indoors if needed? Where would it be? How many people can they accommodate? Make sure you’re aware of their policies and space in case of a weather emergency.

5.     Ask others who were married there for advice. In today’s social media world, it’s easy to find other brides and grooms on community boards who have said their vows at your preferred venue. Ask them what the pros and cons were and if they have any advice before booking.

6.     Wedding coordinators. Many venues offer day-of wedding coordinators/maître d’s as part of your all-inclusive price. Ask if this is an option and who would be there for your big day so you can meet them and make sure you’re happy.

7.     Same-day weddings. Some venues with more than one ballroom will have more than one wedding taking place at the same time. You’ll never see the other wedding but if this is something that would bother you, make sure to ask your venue ahead of time. Extra tip: if you’re set on a venue and they typically have two weddings, ask if you can reserve the entire venue and what your options would be.

Have any other tips? Let us know below.

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Kate & Dave

Kate, a Bloomerent bride, worked with Bloomerent florist Larkspur Botanicals for her August 2016 wedding at The Terrace at Biagio’s in Paramus, NJ. Together Kate and Lindsey, owner of Larkspur Botanicals, used candles and low arrangements filled with hydrangea, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias and David Austin Garden Roses to create a soft and intimate setting for her guests (below).  

We asked Kate to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

Bloomerent generously helped match me with a florist who was eco-friendly. After I heard about the “ick” factor that goes along with expensive flowers being thrown in the trash after extravagant weddings, I knew I had to work with an eco-friendly florist, even if I couldn’t share my flowers afterward.

Were you the first or second event? 


How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist? 

Working with Bloomerent took all the guesswork and anxiety out of choosing a florist. I knew once Bloomerent helped me find an eco-friendly florist that was also set up to share with Bloomerent I would be in great hands.

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding? 

We wanted to create an intimate setting but also have a huge dance party. We didn’t want anything too showy or over the top, and quite honestly, we invested almost our entire budget into the venue and the band. We knew the food and music would be the most memorable attributes! Flowers were not at the top of my list to spend money on.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers? 

I envisioned short, light pink arrangements on the tables surrounded by candles to create a soft, intimate vibe.

“Kate’s wedding was glam but fun! We went with beautiful blush and cream textures of locally sourced, summery flowers, like swoon-worthy Cafe Au Lait Dahlias paired with timeless elegant touches of David Austin Garden Roses in golden compote vessels composed in a free flowing, romantic manner. Classy without being stuffy.”

— Lindsey, owner of Larkspur Botanicals

How was your experience working with your florist? 

Lindsey and her team at Larkspur were conscious of my budget and didn’t show me anything outside of that. She never tried to upsell me on anything either, which was a welcome breath of fresh air while planning a wedding! Lindsey took my elementary knowledge of flowers (ie: “ummm, pink ones”) and made my vision come to life. She sourced gold compote vessels for my centerpieces that were perfect. We also made the decision to move our ceremony indoors the morning of our wedding due to extreme August heat/humidity. Lindsey and her team quickly sprung into action and brought an arch to the venue to hang flowers on and to get married under! All the while, Lindsey was 7 months pregnant!

How did you feel knowing that your flowers wouldn’t end up in the trash? 

It was such a satisfying feeling knowing I was being as eco-conscious as possible for the wedding flowers. I would have felt empty and sad knowing beautiful flowers were getting thrown away after only a few hours of being enjoyed.

What was the highlight of your wedding? 

The highlight of my wedding was that I arranged with the band to join them for my favorite song “Good Feelin” by Flo Rida and do all the rap parts solo with their microphone! I felt like I waited my whole life for that moment.

What made you decide to be the First Event? 

I was not dead set on being the First Event, I was open to being First or Second. Bloomerent did not have an event on my weekend available for me to be the Second Event, so I ended up being First. Bloomerent worked tirelessly up until a few days before my wedding to find a Second Event to share my centerpieces!

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?

Without a doubt.

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Amaira & Suleman

Amaira, a Bloomerent bride, was inspired by South Asia for her August 2016 wedding at Chateau at Coindre Hall in Huntington, NY. She worked with Bloomerent florist Wyld NYC and together with the owner, Lydia, conceptualized vibrant and romantic arrangements filled with ranunculus, lisianthus and spray roses (below).

We asked Amaira to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you hear about Bloomerent? 
I heard about and met some of the staff of Bloomerent at a Wedding Salon expo about three months before my wedding. I found myself wishing I had discovered Bloomerent months ago because it seemed like such a great idea. I was looking for a way to repurpose my flowers rather than just have guests take them home. I’d considered a flower donating service that takes your flowers and gives them to senior citizens to cheer them up, but it was so expensive! I already had Lydia as a vendor (and a friend!) and she worked so hard to meet my budget so I was looking for a way to potentially get her more exposure and business. Bloomerent was the answer! I reached out to the fabulous team here and needless to say, Lydia’s work spoke for itself. I believe Lydia has worked with Bloomerent quite a few times since my wedding! So was happily ever after for everyone involved!

Were you the first or second event?
I was the first event. I’m told my flowers got reused for some awesome events, but I’m not sure what they were exactly!

What made you decide to be the First Event?
I wanted full control over the aesthetic.

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?
The inspiration for my wedding was a mix of South Asian tradition and American traditions I’ve grown up with and making them work in a Muslim millennial wedding. I have fairly particular taste and florals aren’t a pivotal part of South Asian or Muslim weddings yet really. So I felt like the florals had to be perfect because I was really going to be one of the few brides I knew of to do it. Enter Wyld! Lydia’s aesthetic is so beautiful and unique. Lydia really picked up on my style fairly quickly just from a few images I showed her of what I liked on Pinterest. I think Lydia’s work tends to be a little more bohemian and woodsy but she understood that I was going for something really refined, but still ethereal and whimsical. She combined what I really liked and put her own style on it as well and the results were absolutely stunning! Her work was an absolute dream all throughout my wedding.

“Amaira’s wedding inspiration was a soft palette with light and airy greens alongside pinks and ivory blooms. She loves ranunculus, so we paired it with lisianthus and spray roses in gold julep vases. She made a gradient backdrop of pink and white carnations for the ceremony.””

— Lydia, owner of Wyld NYC

How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?
While I didn’t work with Bloomerent from the beginning of my hunt for florals, I absolutely loved my experience with them. Not only did Wyld benefit from the exposure, gaining more business, someone did pick up my florals as the second event, so I got some money back as the first event! Weddings can become so expensive (mine certainly was!), and anything you can get back is always a good thing so I was grateful to have Bloomerent. And my flowers got some more love, which made me happy to be able to contribute to someone else’s event.

How was your experience working with your florist?
I consider Lydia a friend! She’s a dream and such a sweetheart.

How did you feel knowing that your flowers wouldn’t end up in the trash?
Weddings are easily viewed as an egregious waste of money (the saying, all for one day!), and while there’s definitely some truth to that, it was great knowing that my flowers which otherwise would have gone in the trash, got a new life after my wedding.

What was the highlight of your wedding?
Getting married to my best friend and how damn beautiful everything turned out!

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends? 
I have! I’m at the age where everyone is starting to get married and I without a doubt recommend Bloomerent to every bride I meet.

How Sharing Works: Transitioning From the First to the Second Event

Sharing, sharing, sharing. We’ve based our entire company around it, but what does it look like to share centerpieces between two events? We’re here to give you a behind the scenes look into how sharing flowers from one event to the next happens. 

Once a customer goes to our site, he or she plugs in their event location and date and they are given the option to find a florist in their area or opt into available flowers. As an Event A, the customer decides which Bloomerent florist(s) they want to work with and are connected to them directly. They meet with them for a consultation as usual and once they’ve decided they want to book them as their florist, Bloomerent works directly with the florist to list their flowers in our database.

So, you booked your florist and chose your flowers. Now what? Sit back and relax. We, Bloomerent, will list your flowers on our site for another customer (Event B) to opt into. After a match is made through our platform, our florists take the reigns. It is really important to Bloomerent that the traditional florist/customer relationship is not disturbed and that both customers (Event A and Event B) work one-on-one with the same florist.

By opting into these centerpieces, Event B agrees to use the general color scheme and floral selection of Event A’s selection. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make any changes! Our florists are happy to add a pop of color or a different kind of flower to any repurposed flowers, just make sure you speak to them about it when you’re opting in.

“I do love giving that second chance to arrangements where they can be completely different form the first arrangement I recently did an event where they wanted to incorporate navy blue into a red and plum palette, and it just made those jewel tones pop even more. Put it in a different vase, and add some special blooms, and they’re brand new again.”

— Lydia Andrien, owner of Wyld

The day of Event A’s wedding or event, our florist drops off and sets up all flowers at his or her venue. After the event, at a previously specified time, your florist returns and picks up the arrangements.

“Flowers have a long vase life, and it’s especially rewarding when you give them the opportunity to open up at each stage of their life. Of course the most beautiful stage is the big finale, when they get that chance to breathe their last breathe. You’ll see the new floral design is really starting to showcase that ebb and flow. When the blooms get to show off their full potential is when the arrangement looks its best.”

— Lydia Andrien, owner of Wyld
NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 29: A general view of atmosphere at ‘The Light Between Oceans’ New York party at Spyglass Rooftop at the Archer Hotel on August 29, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images for Natalie Zfat, Inc)

You’ll see from the picture above that the flowers look just as beautiful and new for a second event. Why? Because they are! Flowers have a lifespan of 3-14 days so sharing them between two events will mean your flowers never look wilted or tired.

When to Book Your Wedding Florist

“When should I book my florist?” is one of the most common questions our customers ask us. There’s no right answer to this question but we’re big believers in the sooner, the better. As a rule of thumb, we’ve seen that 5-6 months out is the absolute latest time to book your florist; however, some find themselves booking 3 months out. We’re going to make an argument for our philosophy: the sooner, the better.

Like any good vendor, great or popular florists are in demand and booked way in advance. Depending on the season or date, florists could even be booked up to two years in advance. Further, finding a florist you like takes some time. You will typically want to do some research and read reviews, talk to references, meet with a few different florists and finally, receive a quote. After all of that effort, if you like your florist, you should book to ensure they will remain available for your wedding. Remember: if you book with a Bloomerent florist, we’ve already done all of that research for you ahead of time.

It’s important to note that when you decide to book the florist you love, you’re not expected to know exactly what your final product will look like (nor do you need to commit to the absolute final cost at that moment). When you confirm a florist they will ask that you send a deposit which is a percentage of your total. To get to your total you will need to have an approximate number of centerpieces, types of flowers and additional arrangements; however, you can always add on or remove specific items later. The remainder of the total is typically due the weekend of your wedding. Again, your payment dates will vary by florist.

When you’re meeting with your florist you may also want them to research different options for vessels or flowers. Are they shipping them from overseas? Do you want local flowers? Is the vase rented? Do you want the florist to source new vases? This can take the florist time which is why we recommend that you start the process for finding your florist sooner than later.

Finally, if you’re using Bloomerent as an “Event A”, you’ll want to choose your flowers as early as possible. Once you book your florist and decide on your centerpieces, we can list them for someone to opt into. The sooner you finalize the above, the sooner we can confirm your match and your savings for sharing. As an “Event B”, if you see flowers you love on our site, you should reserve them as soon as possible to ensure they’re not taken before for your wedding.

Florists are considered one of the “big vendors” to book immediately when you start planning. Book your florist early and check that box off your list.

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