Why Your Flower Centerpieces Cost So Much (& How to Fix That)

Learn why flower centerpieces cost more than your engagement ring & get floral insider tips on how you can save big on gorgeous wedding flower arrangements.

When breaking down the wedding budget and deciding how much to spend, we tend to list the biggest (and most expensive) items first. You know: the dress, the venue, the centerpieces.

Yes, you read that right: the centerpieces. Flowers can cost as much as a small country. OK, maybe a really small country, but still they’re shockingly expensive.

Be prepared to be quoted a number that rivals what you and your SO spent on your engagement ring.

And while a diamond is forever, flowers most certainly are not – so that makes the price tag all the more shocking.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to hear about brides quoted $25K for centerpieces they thought would cost $10K or less.

How does that happen? How do flowers end up costing more than diamonds?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to not only comparison shop, but to find the actual  value of the exact diamond you’re looking for — without compromising on style, look, and quality.

But when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your big day without going over budget, it can get a little more tricky, which is exactly why Bloomerent was founded. Bloomerent helps couples in the same area, who are getting married just a few days apart, share floral arrangements – while saving money for sharing.

Still wondering why flowers cost so much? Here are three reasons your florist is set to charge more than you think.   

Flowers have a very short lifespan (but longer than you think)

One of the reasons that floral arrangements can easily run upwards of $5K+ per wedding may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating: cut flowers have a very short lifespan.

But not as short as you think.

While you’re paying for the fragility of fresh flowers, they aren’t as frail and fragile as you’d guess and actually can survive longer than the big day itself. Fresh flowers can actually last anywhere between 5-13 days which is why it makes perfect sense to share the floral budget with a nearby bride who shares your sense of style.

Local vs Global

Think of florists as artists. And we love that about them. But as with all artists, cost isn’t the first thing on their mind. Creating their vision is.

And there’s a place for that.

But if you’re not a multi-millionaire, or you simply don’t want to overpay for flowers, then paying an extra $20K to ensure that your Japanese rose blossoms are actually from Japan, just isn’t going to be worth it.

Also, you’ll pay a lot more money for flowers if you select blooms that aren’t local to your area, since it costs a pretty penny to import fresh flowers.

Of course, you can get any kind of flowers you want, but know that if you stick to a local palette, your costs will be much, much less.

Labor and Delivery

And we’re not talking babies.

Another reason your bill from your favorite local florist can suddenly skyrocket is all that time spent on designing your dream arrangement – and then of course the fees associated with delivering them, assembling them, and making sure they look perfect before you and the guests arrive.

Keep in mind the more complicated your arrangements – the more “design” that goes into them, jacking up the amount of work, the care during delivery, and of course the price.

So what’s a bride-to-be to do instead?

Only use flowers that are local and in season. Allow another wedding in the same weekend and area as yours to reuse your flowers so you both save money.

The key to staying in your budget when planning your dream wedding…

Is not only to comparison shop (thank you Internet!), but to do your research, and have a working knowledge of what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on.

If you go into flower-shopping knowing what elements of your arrangements are non-negotiable and what price-pits to avoid, you’ll be able to get your dream centerpiece for a fairy-tale price.

This blog is part of a week-long series in partnership with Rare Carat. To get more tips and facts about flowers and diamond costs, make sure to check out the Bloomerent and Rare Carat blog. 

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Tamar & Jason

Tamar, a Bloomerent bride, shared her take on her customized flowers that were created to embody her personality for her July 2017 wedding at Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club. She worked with Bloomerent florist Faye & Renee to bring her elegant and romantic wedding vision to life.

We asked Tamar to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

I followed them on Instagram for awhile and was pleased to learn that they were a Bloomerent Florist. Soon after, Bloomerent connected us!

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

Danit, one of my bridesmaids and best friends!

Were you the first or second event?


How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?

Danit was very helpful during the initial florist search. She also gave me helpful tips and questions to ask my florist throughout the process.

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?

Yes, of course! I have already!

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

Romantic and elegant.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

I wanted to make sure that my flowers were classic but also me. I think the end result was exactly that. I feel when working with the right florist, who truly listens and understands your vision, like Faye & Renee did, anything is possible.

How was your experience working with your florist?

My experience with my florist was wonderful. Joanna was always willing to chat when needed. Anytime I had an idea or inspiration I wanted to share, she was readily available to provide a listening ear. It truly showed on the day of my wedding because she turned all of my floral dreams into a reality!

What was the highlight of your wedding?

It’s hard to pick one thing since the entire day was so incredible. However, the flowers definitely set the tone for my romantic and elegant theme. They were just perfect and made everything that much more magical.

What made you decide to be the First Event?

I have a type A personality and needed to plan every step of my wedding!

* all photos by Amy Little Photography 

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Tara & Max

Tara, a Bloomerent bride, talked about her August 2017 elegant and romantic garden-themed wedding at Paramount Country Club in New City, NY. She worked with Bloomerent florist Wyld to create the timeless, elegant outdoor and indoor garden setting she desired.

We asked Tara to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms.

How did you find your florist?

Through Bloomerent! I searched through several different Bloomerent recommended florists, but after speaking with Lydia from Wyld, it was a very easy decision. She completely understood the style I was going for, and was such a sweetheart.

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

My good friend, Danit Zamir, is the co-founder and co-CEO, so I’ve known about Bloomerent from the very beginning and couldn’t wait to use them for my wedding! 

Were you the first or second event?

First event.

How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?

As many brides know, searching for wedding vendors can be overwhelming. There are so many different companies to choose from that it’s difficult to know where to begin and who to trust. What I love about Bloomerent is they’ve already done the vetting process for you. I was able to go off of their recommended list of trusted florists, and find the florist who was the best match for me. 

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?


What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

Our wedding was garden inspired, and it was really important to me to keep everything romantic, elegant, and timeless.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

With the goal of keeping things romantic, elegant, and timeless in mind, I opted for a neutral color palette for the flowers, with pops of greenery, and lots of candles. Our ceremony took place in an outdoor garden, but the reception was indoors. In order to keep the garden feeling alive, Lydia hung flowers and greenery from the chandeliers surrounding the dance floor. This was one of my favorite details!

How was your experience working with your florist?

Flawless! Lydia is one of my favorite vendors we worked with. Aside from being obviously talented, she was a complete pleasure to work with. I had lots of questions along the way, and was very particular about the details, and Lydia patiently answered every question and delivered on every detail.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

There were so many special moments that it’s hard to choose just one, but I would have to say the highlight of our wedding day was having our favorite people in the world in one room. We had family and friends travel from near and far, and the amount of love and joy that radiated in that room was inconceivable. I wish I could replay that feeling over and over again! 

What made you decide to be the First Event?

The creative/design aspect is something I really enjoy, so I knew I wanted to be the first event to have that experience. I also had a very specific color scheme and vision in mind for my flowers, so it was important for me to be able to have that control.

* all photos by Stephanie Sunderland.

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Emily & Kevin

Emily, a Bloomerent bride, talked about her casual but romantic July 2017 beach wedding at Gurney’s Montauk Resort. She worked with Bloomerent florist BloomBar to create a an ideal green scenery that evoked a romantic atmosphere.

We asked Emily to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

Through Instragram! I saw a wedding she did for a couple at The Surf Lodge in Montauk last year and loved what she did.

How did you hear about Bloomerent?

Through Julia! Once I started talking to her, she also suggested Carly at BloomBar!

Did you want to be the first or second event?


Even though you didn’t share, would you recommend Bloomerent for finding a florist?


Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?


What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

Casual Beach-Chic, hint of “romance”, I did not want it to look too casual or rustic

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers?

I was trying to get that look through mainly greenery with hints of white peonies and hyacinth (my two favorite flowers) which I was thinking could help make the look a bit more romantic and pretty.

How was your experience working with your florist?

She was by far the best vendor to work with.  I told everyone how much I loved her!! She made everything simple.  Any bride planning a wedding knows the gravity of that statement! When planning a wedding, it seems that every task can easily become overwhelming with choices, prices, deadlines, and pressure from vendors or from yourself to make it perfect.  Carly made this process seamless and immediately understood my aesthetic and overall vibe while taking into consideration my budget. LOVE her!!

What was the highlight of your wedding?

Probably my sisters and my dad’s speech.  There was nothing quite like it.


* all photos by Taylor Lenci

Spotlight on: The Petal Gypsy

The Petal Gypsy is an event florist in Middleboro, MA.

The Petal Gypsy is an owner-operated floral and event design studio that was founded on passion for art, the freedom of creativity, and love for working with each individual client.

You don’t have to have an extravagant budget to accomplish the wedding of your dreams!

Located on the South Shore of MA, just a stones throw away from Cape Cod, they also serve The Berkshires and locations in between.

Wondering if Amanda and her team travel to your area?
Click here to connect with them directly for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: City Iris

City Iris is a floral design studio in New York City.

…Where weddings are a passion and happy brides are a must. Attention to detail, fresh and innovative designs and a promise to make your dreams a REALITY make us special. We take a special interest in your needs to ensure a pleasurable experience and a lifetime of memories.

City Iris is located in Manhattan and offers more than just beautiful flowers. From lighting, to menus and invitations, linens, to rental items and more, City Iris is a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Click here to connect directly with Patrick and his team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Urban Orchid

Urban Orchid is a floral studio in Cleveland, OH.

Urban Orchid specializes in custom weddings and events. Our upscale shop dedicates itself to using local artists, growers, and suppliers to help create exclusive items perfect for all your occasions.

Urban Orchid’s upscale floral studios are located in the historic Cleveland, Ohio neighborhoods of both Ohio City & Little Italy.

Click here to connect directly with the Urban Orchid team for your wedding or event.

What I Look For in a Florist

Our co-founder, Danit Zamir, explains what she looks for when she signs a Bloomerent florist to our community and why.

I didn’t know where to start once I became engaged and began to plan our wedding. Specifically, I wasn’t familiar with what things should cost, especially flowers. What I did know was that I had standards for who I was going to book as my florist and that I’d leave most of the creative control up to them since I didn’t have a strong preference. For me, it was important to know that I was working with a great florist who I could trust to deliver fresh, quality flowers and a beautiful display. Still, my flowers came at a steep price for someone with no preference. I would have loved to reuse someone else’s vision for a fraction of the cost and the same quality and florist.

I love getting to find and speak to new florists every day and make sure that our customers are always going to be in great hands when booking a Bloomerent florist, no matter who they choose or where they live.

Here are the top 5 things I look for in a Bloomerent florist:

  1. Response Rate
    • I value other people’s time and I do my best to show this by replying to every email I get in a timely manner. I expect the same when choosing a florist. While taking into consideration that florists are busiest on the weekends and the 1-2 days leading up to it, I expect a response within 48-72 hours of sending my email, even if it’s just to tell me that they will get back to me at a later time. If a florist doesn’t reply to an email in that time frame, it immediately makes me feel like customers won’t be able to rely on them to respond in a timely manner when they are planning their wedding. In many cases, florists will have an auto-reply on to let customers know that they are busy for wedding prep and when they will reply. Otherwise, I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing someone to allow me to give them my hard-earned money.
  2. Customer Reviews 
    • What are other people saying about their experience with you? Were they happy? Was the delivered product what was discussed in meetings? I check every single review available online before ever contacting a florist.
  3. Past Work
    • I always review photos of past work to get an idea of what the florist can do. Customers want to see photos of the what the florist has done in the past, especially to see if they’ve done anything that’s similar to their vision.
  4. Online Presence
    • This one’s tricky. I say that because not having a strong online presence doesn’t say anything about the ability of a florist or their great work and service; however, most customers want to see a website and presence on some, or all, social media platforms for their vendors. Our preference is always to work with florists who have a strong online presence but it’s not a requirement if everything else is met.
  5. Repurposing
    • Something I learned at the very start of Bloomerent was that most florists already return to venues after events because the vases are rented. When they return to pick up the rented vases, they also pick up any leftover flowers. When I speak to florists, I always ask them if they do this, because it immediately lets me know that they know exactly how to make sure that every second event will have a great experience and beautiful flowers.

It’s important to note that florists work so hard and it often goes unnoticed by customers until they see it first-hand upon meeting with and booking a florist. There is a lot that goes into creating your perfect event blooms, beyond arranging them for hours (think sourcing the flowers, ordering, delivery, dealing with anything that goes wrong, labor, delivery, setup, to name a few). Just as we value our customers choosing a great florist and having the best experience, we also educate our customers to understand florist pricing and creating a happy experience for the florist, too.

Do you know a florist who would be a great fit for Bloomerent? Let us know!


Spotlight on: Ashley’s Floral Beauty

Ashley’s Floral Beauty is a floral studio in Matawan, NJ.

We know planning your wedding can be stressful and costly. We are here to help! We are committed to creating every client’s floral creations and work within your budget. We love doing traditional bridal work, but also enjoy working outside the box and offering a fun creative spin on old traditions.

Click here to connect directly with Jean and her team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Petunia Bergamot

Petunia Bergamot is a boutique florist in Lambertville, NJ.

Petunia Bergamot is a boutique florist specializing in floral design for weddings, events and special occasions and serves NJ, PA and NY.

At Petunia Bergamot, our first priority is you. You tell us how you picture your perfect day, and we’ll help to create it. Exquisite florals and beautiful displays to highlight the magic of your wedding will enchant and excite you and your guests, and sparkle in your memories for years to come!

Click here to connect directly with Laura and her team for your wedding or event.