Spotlight on: Flowers by Geo

Flowers by Geo is an event florist in Chicago, IL.

Georgiana Tudosescu, owner of Flowers by Geo, started this business out of her sheer passion for flowers and what they stand for. There are few things in life that evoke emotions the ways flowers do, and for Geo and her team, flowers are nature’s poetry. They believe that each floral arrangement is unique and a work of art in its own, a collaboration between human inspiration and natural wonders. Thus, you will not find any pre-made bouquets ready for selling, but examples of previous works instead. This means that each finished work is tailored as well as possible to the needs and soul of the receiver. Geo has shamanistic amounts of imagination when it comes to crafting the flower arrangements, is a certified Ikebana florist and has a wide experience in making the most interesting floral arrangements.

Flowers by Geo is available in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding suburbs.

Click here to connect directly with Geo and her team for your event.