What I Look For in a Florist

Our co-founder, Danit Zamir, explains what she looks for when she signs a Bloomerent florist to our community and why.

I didn’t know where to start once I became engaged and began to plan our wedding. Specifically, I wasn’t familiar with what things should cost, especially flowers. What I did know was that I had standards for who I was going to book as my florist and that I’d leave most of the creative control up to them since I didn’t have a strong preference. For me, it was important to know that I was working with a great florist who I could trust to deliver fresh, quality flowers and a beautiful display. Still, my flowers came at a steep price for someone with no preference. I would have loved to reuse someone else’s vision for a fraction of the cost and the same quality and florist.

I love getting to find and speak to new florists every day and make sure that our customers are always going to be in great hands when booking a Bloomerent florist, no matter who they choose or where they live.

Here are the top 5 things I look for in a Bloomerent florist:

  1. Response Rate
    • I value other people’s time and I do my best to show this by replying to every email I get in a timely manner. I expect the same when choosing a florist. While taking into consideration that florists are busiest on the weekends and the 1-2 days leading up to it, I expect a response within 48-72 hours of sending my email, even if it’s just to tell me that they will get back to me at a later time. If a florist doesn’t reply to an email in that time frame, it immediately makes me feel like customers won’t be able to rely on them to respond in a timely manner when they are planning their wedding. In many cases, florists will have an auto-reply on to let customers know that they are busy for wedding prep and when they will reply. Otherwise, I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing someone to allow me to give them my hard-earned money.
  2. Customer Reviews 
    • What are other people saying about their experience with you? Were they happy? Was the delivered product what was discussed in meetings? I check every single review available online before ever contacting a florist.
  3. Past Work
    • I always review photos of past work to get an idea of what the florist can do. Customers want to see photos of the what the florist has done in the past, especially to see if they’ve done anything that’s similar to their vision.
  4. Online Presence
    • This one’s tricky. I say that because not having a strong online presence doesn’t say anything about the ability of a florist or their great work and service; however, most customers want to see a website and presence on some, or all, social media platforms for their vendors. Our preference is always to work with florists who have a strong online presence but it’s not a requirement if everything else is met.
  5. Repurposing
    • Something I learned at the very start of Bloomerent was that most florists already return to venues after events because the vases are rented. When they return to pick up the rented vases, they also pick up any leftover flowers. When I speak to florists, I always ask them if they do this, because it immediately lets me know that they know exactly how to make sure that every second event will have a great experience and beautiful flowers.

It’s important to note that florists work so hard and it often goes unnoticed by customers until they see it first-hand upon meeting with and booking a florist. There is a lot that goes into creating your perfect event blooms, beyond arranging them for hours (think sourcing the flowers, ordering, delivery, dealing with anything that goes wrong, labor, delivery, setup, to name a few). Just as we value our customers choosing a great florist and having the best experience, we also educate our customers to understand florist pricing and creating a happy experience for the florist, too.

Do you know a florist who would be a great fit for Bloomerent? Let us know!


Spotlight on: Ashley’s Floral Beauty

Ashley’s Floral Beauty is a floral studio in Matawan, NJ.

We know planning your wedding can be stressful and costly. We are here to help! We are committed to creating every client’s floral creations and work within your budget. We love doing traditional bridal work, but also enjoy working outside the box and offering a fun creative spin on old traditions.

Click here to connect directly with Jean and her team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Petunia Bergamot

Petunia Bergamot is a boutique florist in Lambertville, NJ.

Petunia Bergamot is a boutique florist specializing in floral design for weddings, events and special occasions and serves NJ, PA and NY.

At Petunia Bergamot, our first priority is you. You tell us how you picture your perfect day, and we’ll help to create it. Exquisite florals and beautiful displays to highlight the magic of your wedding will enchant and excite you and your guests, and sparkle in your memories for years to come!

Click here to connect directly with Laura and her team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Christoffer Flowers

Christoffers Flowers is a floral shop located in Mountainside, NJ.

Christoffers specializes in creating distinctive and personalized arrangements for weddings and events. The shop has established a reputation for quality, dependability and excellent service.

More than 40 years ago, Ruth Christoffers discovered an outlet for her love of flowers. She began offering distinctive and personalized arrangements, a service which proved to be so popular, the demand could no longer be met from the confines of her garage. The business moved to our current space at 860 Mountain Avenue in August of 1980. Over the course of time, the shop has established a reputation for quality, dependability, and excellent service. Together, we nurture the spirit of innovation by leading Christoffers Florist in new and exciting directions. Under the new ownership of Ishani and Rajib Sarkar, Christoffers continues to thrive as our established staff, as always, is ready to assist you in finding that special gift to meet your taste and budget with personalized service that has allowed us to continue building lasting relationships with our customers.

Christoffers Flowers serves New Jersey and is available for same-day flowers, too.

Click here to connect directly with Ishani, Rajib and their team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: Honeybunches Floral

Honeybunches Floral is a boutique event decoration firm in Philadelphia, PA.

Honey Gorney, owner, runs a floral design studio that focuses on each client and their needs individually. Every event is a collaboration between her team and their clients. Their studio is fully equipped with vases, a multitude of rental vessels, chuppah, arbors and any accessory you can imagine. They also offer linens, chairs and lighting to complete your event design.

Honeybunches Floral Design serves the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware and will travel to New Jersey and Maryland upon review.

Click here to connect directly with Honey and her team for your event!

Spotlight on: Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom is a floral design boutique in New York City.

Bride & Blossom is a luxury, floral design boutique providing personalized service and customized decor for weddings. They are the only company that exclusively caters to engaged couples. Owner Rachel Trimarco and her team provide expert management and their design team offers excellent customer service and design expertise, while committing to only one wedding at a time. They offer a gorgeous selection of bouquets, arches, chuppahs, mandaps, centerpieces, floral chandeliers, and more. They also offer linens, draping and custom structures upon request. They offer a complimentary design consultation, held at their beautiful showroom in NYC’s design district. They will then follow up with a detailed proposal and customized design board.

Bride & Blossom serves New York City, NJ, CT and Long Island.

Click here to connect directly with Rachel and her team for your wedding or event.

Spotlight on: RAM Floral

Rebecca Ann Mulholland (RAM Floral) is a florist based in Philadephia, PA.

A few facts about owner, Rebecca;

  • She has worked for a leading florist in Philadelphia for many years before branching out on her own.
  • She collaborates with each client personally to understand their vision and how she can bring it to life.

If you are planning a one-of-a-kind event or would like to send a beautiful floral arrangement, RAM Floral can do everything. They do weddings, events such as corporate or private parties, holiday parties, pre-wedding events or even holiday decor for your home. On the retail side, she can do weekly accounts and daily deliveries with notice.

Interested in a consultation with Rebecca? Get connected.

Spotlight on: Wyld NYC

Wyld is a floral design studio based in NYC.

  • Owner Lydia Andrien was featured on Good Morning America with Martha Stewart Weddings to showcase her floral talent during a popular wedding segment.
  • Whenever possible, Wyld uses locally grown and foraged seasonal blooms.
  • Flowers are chosen the day before each event to ensure long-lasting blooms. Perfect for sharing!

“Wyld is honored to be a part of the Bloomerent family, who is working hard to finally bring sustainability back to the event world!”

— Lydia Andrien, owner of Wyld

Wyld specializes in thoughtful, seasonal and natural arrangements for all types of events and works hard to be sure all of your design wishes are met with the best quality and utmost care. Their carefully selected blooms are arranged to showcase each flower and recreate the balance found in nature and they work with all budgets and styles to help you bring your dream to life. Lydia’s work has been featured in countless well-known wedding blogs, see a few of her features here, here and here.

Interested in a consultation with Wyld NYC? Let us know.

Spotlight on: Allure Florals

Allure Floral Design is an NJ-based event floral design studio where unique style and service create perfection.

A few facts about owner, Irena Piven;

  • She is a premiere professional florist, wedding stylist, designer and artist with 10+ years of experience.
  • She hand selects her flowers and always offers personalized, creative styling and design ideas that set her ahead of the curve.
  • Irena’s bouquets and centerpieces are inspired by her client’s personalities and desires. 

Irena and her team are a great option for any bride, groom or event looking for great flowers with expert care and attention.

Interested in a consultation with Allure Florals? Let us know.

Spotlight on: Larkspur Botanicals

Larkspur Botanicals is an eco-friendly floral design studio located in Dumont, NJ.

A few facts about owner, Lindsey Neff:

  • Eco-friendly florist with a sustainability pledge.
  • Only uses American-grown plants and blooms.
  • Everything she uses is made and/or sourced in the U.S.
  • Never uses floral foam and only uses paper-based tapes
  • Composts all plant remnants for use in her adopted garden
  • Recycles and reuses everything she can (hello, Bloomerent)
  • Sustainably sourced floral design to elevate how you celebrate.

Lindsey has a creative eye and ability to bring any vision to life. Larkspur Botanicals is a sustainably sourced floral design studio to elevate how you celebrate. Looking for something specific? She will go out of her way to find it for you and if she can’t find it, she will try to make it – allowing you to have a unique, different feel to your wedding, should you decide you want that. 

Interested in a consultation with Lindsey and her team? Let us know