Spotlight on: IndyFASO

IndyFASO is an event design studio in Brooklyn, NY.

The name derives from a combination of my nickname growing up, Indy, and my husband’s nickname throughout college, FASO. As you might imagine from the name, my husband is an amazing key business player and support!

We design free-spirited florals for both small to large-scale events and photoshoots in NYC (and further destinations upon request) with great care and experience in sourcing the freshest, seasonal ingredients, in having helpful and transparent conversation about a client’s budget will afford them, and in suggesting floral elements that make the greatest visual impact within a specific environment.

More than just flowers, IndyFASO also creates hand lettered signs.

We also provide full hand lettered sign services to businesses, conferences, restaurants, event installations, exhibits, weddingsyou name it. We work in chalk, paint, marker, pen, colored pastels, flowers, collected objects and more…for both small-scale paper projects to large-scale 10×10′ chalk walls. I believe words are simple and powerful and signs being noticeably created with a person behind each letter gives greater depth to the message or story being told.

IndyFASO is based in Brooklyn and serves the entire NY/NJ area.

Click here to connect directly with India and her team for your wedding or event.

What I Look For in a Florist

Our co-founder, Danit Zamir, explains what she looks for when she signs a Bloomerent florist to our community and why.

I didn’t know where to start once I became engaged and began to plan our wedding. Specifically, I wasn’t familiar with what things should cost, especially flowers. What I did know was that I had standards for who I was going to book as my florist and that I’d leave most of the creative control up to them since I didn’t have a strong preference. For me, it was important to know that I was working with a great florist who I could trust to deliver fresh, quality flowers and a beautiful display. Still, my flowers came at a steep price for someone with no preference. I would have loved to reuse someone else’s vision for a fraction of the cost and the same quality and florist.

I love getting to find and speak to new florists every day and make sure that our customers are always going to be in great hands when booking a Bloomerent florist, no matter who they choose or where they live.

Here are the top 5 things I look for in a Bloomerent florist:

  1. Response Rate
    • I value other people’s time and I do my best to show this by replying to every email I get in a timely manner. I expect the same when choosing a florist. While taking into consideration that florists are busiest on the weekends and the 1-2 days leading up to it, I expect a response within 48-72 hours of sending my email, even if it’s just to tell me that they will get back to me at a later time. If a florist doesn’t reply to an email in that time frame, it immediately makes me feel like customers won’t be able to rely on them to respond in a timely manner when they are planning their wedding. In many cases, florists will have an auto-reply on to let customers know that they are busy for wedding prep and when they will reply. Otherwise, I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing someone to allow me to give them my hard-earned money.
  2. Customer Reviews 
    • What are other people saying about their experience with you? Were they happy? Was the delivered product what was discussed in meetings? I check every single review available online before ever contacting a florist.
  3. Past Work
    • I always review photos of past work to get an idea of what the florist can do. Customers want to see photos of the what the florist has done in the past, especially to see if they’ve done anything that’s similar to their vision.
  4. Online Presence
    • This one’s tricky. I say that because not having a strong online presence doesn’t say anything about the ability of a florist or their great work and service; however, most customers want to see a website and presence on some, or all, social media platforms for their vendors. Our preference is always to work with florists who have a strong online presence but it’s not a requirement if everything else is met.
  5. Repurposing
    • Something I learned at the very start of Bloomerent was that most florists already return to venues after events because the vases are rented. When they return to pick up the rented vases, they also pick up any leftover flowers. When I speak to florists, I always ask them if they do this, because it immediately lets me know that they know exactly how to make sure that every second event will have a great experience and beautiful flowers.

It’s important to note that florists work so hard and it often goes unnoticed by customers until they see it first-hand upon meeting with and booking a florist. There is a lot that goes into creating your perfect event blooms, beyond arranging them for hours (think sourcing the flowers, ordering, delivery, dealing with anything that goes wrong, labor, delivery, setup, to name a few). Just as we value our customers choosing a great florist and having the best experience, we also educate our customers to understand florist pricing and creating a happy experience for the florist, too.

Do you know a florist who would be a great fit for Bloomerent? Let us know!


Spotlight on: One Fine Day

One Fine Day is a floral design company in Connecticut and New England.

A few facts about owner, Sarah Parlos;

  • She has over 10 years of experience in event planning.
  • She launched One Fine Day in 2014, with a main focus on weddings in New England & New York.
  • She has a great team of women who bring life to dreams, and ease the planning process for each of her clients.

Planning your dream wedding? Need floral centerpieces & bouquets? Hosting an elegant shower or brunch, a family reunion or even a corporate event? If you have an event to plan in the New England or Connecticut area, let One Fine Day take the reins and help bring life to your ideas.

Interested in a consultation with One Fine Day? Let us know.

Spotlight on: Taproot Flowers

Taproot Flowers: eco-conscious and locally sourced floral design studio in Brooklyn, NY.

A few facts about owner, Rachel Gordon: 

  • Proudly sources her flowers from local farmers.
  • Enjoys being one of the few florists in the area who can stay local because it allows her to bring her clients their flowers without the aid of toxic preservatives, excess packaging, and jet fuel (one of the main reasons we love sharing!)
  • Sourcing locally allows her to provide clients with unusual, delicate flowers that wouldn’t survive long-distance shipping.
  • Has a great team of women who help tailor each event to the customer.

Taproot Flowers believes our community and our environment matter. In working with them, you choose a socially conscious and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional floral design. And their flowers? Their flowers are as seasonal, fresh, and beautiful as flowers get.

Interested in a consultation with  Taproot Flowers? Let us know.

Spotlight on: Faye + Renee

Faye + Renee is a floral and event design studio based in Philadelphia, PA.

  • They serve the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York AND Delaware.
  • They also put together branding and printed material for your event.
  • They’ve been featured in top wedding sites like Ruffled and Green Wedding Shoes.
  • Not into fresh flowers for decoration? They can help you with that, too.

One of the many things that make Faye + Renee unique is that they go beyond just creating the beautiful blooms you want for your big day. Whether you want a custom altar or a wedding website, custom materials (think menus, table numbers and place cards, programs, etc.), they can do it and do it well.

Interested in a free consultation with Faye + Renee? Let us know.