Why Your Flower Centerpieces Cost So Much (& How to Fix That)

Learn why flower centerpieces cost more than your engagement ring & get floral insider tips on how you can save big on gorgeous wedding flower arrangements.

When breaking down the wedding budget and deciding how much to spend, we tend to list the biggest (and most expensive) items first. You know: the dress, the venue, the centerpieces.

Yes, you read that right: the centerpieces. Flowers can cost as much as a small country. OK, maybe a really small country, but still they’re shockingly expensive.

Be prepared to be quoted a number that rivals what you and your SO spent on your engagement ring.

And while a diamond is forever, flowers most certainly are not – so that makes the price tag all the more shocking.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to hear about brides quoted $25K for centerpieces they thought would cost $10K or less.

How does that happen? How do flowers end up costing more than diamonds?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to not only comparison shop, but to find the actual  value of the exact diamond you’re looking for — without compromising on style, look, and quality.

But when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your big day without going over budget, it can get a little more tricky, which is exactly why Bloomerent was founded. Bloomerent helps couples in the same area, who are getting married just a few days apart, share floral arrangements – while saving money for sharing.

Still wondering why flowers cost so much? Here are three reasons your florist is set to charge more than you think.   

Flowers have a very short lifespan (but longer than you think)

One of the reasons that floral arrangements can easily run upwards of $5K+ per wedding may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating: cut flowers have a very short lifespan.

But not as short as you think.

While you’re paying for the fragility of fresh flowers, they aren’t as frail and fragile as you’d guess and actually can survive longer than the big day itself. Fresh flowers can actually last anywhere between 5-13 days which is why it makes perfect sense to share the floral budget with a nearby bride who shares your sense of style.

Local vs Global

Think of florists as artists. And we love that about them. But as with all artists, cost isn’t the first thing on their mind. Creating their vision is.

And there’s a place for that.

But if you’re not a multi-millionaire, or you simply don’t want to overpay for flowers, then paying an extra $20K to ensure that your Japanese rose blossoms are actually from Japan, just isn’t going to be worth it.

Also, you’ll pay a lot more money for flowers if you select blooms that aren’t local to your area, since it costs a pretty penny to import fresh flowers.

Of course, you can get any kind of flowers you want, but know that if you stick to a local palette, your costs will be much, much less.

Labor and Delivery

And we’re not talking babies.

Another reason your bill from your favorite local florist can suddenly skyrocket is all that time spent on designing your dream arrangement – and then of course the fees associated with delivering them, assembling them, and making sure they look perfect before you and the guests arrive.

Keep in mind the more complicated your arrangements – the more “design” that goes into them, jacking up the amount of work, the care during delivery, and of course the price.

So what’s a bride-to-be to do instead?

Only use flowers that are local and in season. Allow another wedding in the same weekend and area as yours to reuse your flowers so you both save money.

The key to staying in your budget when planning your dream wedding…

Is not only to comparison shop (thank you Internet!), but to do your research, and have a working knowledge of what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on.

If you go into flower-shopping knowing what elements of your arrangements are non-negotiable and what price-pits to avoid, you’ll be able to get your dream centerpiece for a fairy-tale price.

This blog is part of a week-long series in partnership with Rare Carat. To get more tips and facts about flowers and diamond costs, make sure to check out the Bloomerent and Rare Carat blog. 

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Fiori has been Seattle’s upscale alternative to traditional flower shops since 1995. Their arrangements have been featured in Vogue, Romantic Homes, Seattle Bride, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles and other publications. They specialize in the French style of floral design called pavé, a jeweler’s term for setting precious stones closely together so they appear to cover the entire surface of a piece of jewelry.

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