Spotlight on: Zindaga Events

Zindagi Events is an event florist in Sacramento, CA.

Directly from Stacy Bell-Singh, owner of Zindagi Events:
I am a floral designer who has worked in the floral industry in Indiana, Utah, and now California with a collective 28 years of experience. For several years, I also trained under and worked directly with the former FTD western region’s trainer and upheld high standards of floral design. I believe that working in the same field across different states sets me apart in that I have first hand experience in the different styles of various cultures and social backgrounds. I am also an Officiant. Whether you need me to assist you in making your marriage legal, renew vows or even just have a commitment ceremony, I’m here to make sure you have your day your way. I’m a Public Notary. As notaries we also have a full legal background check before we can obtain our license. This addition to my services helps my clients feel more safe and secure when they are deciding who to hire for their special event. As my own family is culturally well-blended, I believe that my personal experience has greatly influenced my professional life. I enjoy fusion weddings and love bringing different cultures together. I also work well with the LGBTQ+ community. It is my passion to truly celebrate everyone.

Stacy and her team are available in Sacramento, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Spotlight on: Convention Floral

Convention Floral is a full-service florist in Washington, D.C.

Convention Floral is a family-owned Washington, D.C. florist with over 15 years of experience. They will help you transform your venue with a lovely variety of fresh flowers, lighting stage decoration, plant rental and more, with your vision in mind for your event. No job is too big or small and they work with your budget. Convention Floral’s work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Essence Bridal Bliss, Capital Community News, Winner of Best New Business in Shaw 2007, Wedding Wire’s Bride’s Choice Award and more. They have done floral arrangements and decors for embassies, hotels and Resorts as well as prestigious private and corporate companies and they are familiar with almost all the area’s known venues.

Owner Nubia Fasil and her team serve Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

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Spotlight on: Fiori Floral Design

Fiori Floral Design is a full-service florist in Seattle, WA.

Directly from their site: 
Fiori has been Seattle’s upscale alternative to traditional flower shops since 1995. Their arrangements have been featured in Vogue, Romantic Homes, Seattle Bride, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles and other publications. They specialize in the French style of floral design called pavé, a jeweler’s term for setting precious stones closely together so they appear to cover the entire surface of a piece of jewelry.

Fiori Floral Design is committed to a healthy environment and sustainability.

They are available for your event in the greater Seattle area including King, Snohomish and Pierce county.

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Spotlight on: Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom is a floral design boutique in New York City.

Bride & Blossom is a luxury, floral design boutique providing personalized service and customized decor for weddings. They are the only company that exclusively caters to engaged couples. Owner Rachel Trimarco and her team provide expert management and their design team offers excellent customer service and design expertise, while committing to only one wedding at a time. They offer a gorgeous selection of bouquets, arches, chuppahs, mandaps, centerpieces, floral chandeliers, and more. They also offer linens, draping and custom structures upon request. They offer a complimentary design consultation, held at their beautiful showroom in NYC’s design district. They will then follow up with a detailed proposal and customized design board.

Bride & Blossom serves New York City, NJ, CT and Long Island.

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Real Bloomerent Weddings: Kate & Dave

Kate, a Bloomerent bride, worked with Bloomerent florist Larkspur Botanicals for her August 2016 wedding at The Terrace at Biagio’s in Paramus, NJ. Together Kate and Lindsey, owner of Larkspur Botanicals, used candles and low arrangements filled with hydrangea, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias and David Austin Garden Roses to create a soft and intimate setting for her guests (below).  

We asked Kate to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you find your florist?

Bloomerent generously helped match me with a florist who was eco-friendly. After I heard about the “ick” factor that goes along with expensive flowers being thrown in the trash after extravagant weddings, I knew I had to work with an eco-friendly florist, even if I couldn’t share my flowers afterward.

Were you the first or second event? 


How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist? 

Working with Bloomerent took all the guesswork and anxiety out of choosing a florist. I knew once Bloomerent helped me find an eco-friendly florist that was also set up to share with Bloomerent I would be in great hands.

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding? 

We wanted to create an intimate setting but also have a huge dance party. We didn’t want anything too showy or over the top, and quite honestly, we invested almost our entire budget into the venue and the band. We knew the food and music would be the most memorable attributes! Flowers were not at the top of my list to spend money on.

How did your inspiration/theme influence your flowers? 

I envisioned short, light pink arrangements on the tables surrounded by candles to create a soft, intimate vibe.

“Kate’s wedding was glam but fun! We went with beautiful blush and cream textures of locally sourced, summery flowers, like swoon-worthy Cafe Au Lait Dahlias paired with timeless elegant touches of David Austin Garden Roses in golden compote vessels composed in a free flowing, romantic manner. Classy without being stuffy.”

— Lindsey, owner of Larkspur Botanicals

How was your experience working with your florist? 

Lindsey and her team at Larkspur were conscious of my budget and didn’t show me anything outside of that. She never tried to upsell me on anything either, which was a welcome breath of fresh air while planning a wedding! Lindsey took my elementary knowledge of flowers (ie: “ummm, pink ones”) and made my vision come to life. She sourced gold compote vessels for my centerpieces that were perfect. We also made the decision to move our ceremony indoors the morning of our wedding due to extreme August heat/humidity. Lindsey and her team quickly sprung into action and brought an arch to the venue to hang flowers on and to get married under! All the while, Lindsey was 7 months pregnant!

How did you feel knowing that your flowers wouldn’t end up in the trash? 

It was such a satisfying feeling knowing I was being as eco-conscious as possible for the wedding flowers. I would have felt empty and sad knowing beautiful flowers were getting thrown away after only a few hours of being enjoyed.

What was the highlight of your wedding? 

The highlight of my wedding was that I arranged with the band to join them for my favorite song “Good Feelin” by Flo Rida and do all the rap parts solo with their microphone! I felt like I waited my whole life for that moment.

What made you decide to be the First Event? 

I was not dead set on being the First Event, I was open to being First or Second. Bloomerent did not have an event on my weekend available for me to be the Second Event, so I ended up being First. Bloomerent worked tirelessly up until a few days before my wedding to find a Second Event to share my centerpieces!

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends?

Without a doubt.

Real Bloomerent Weddings: Amaira & Suleman

Amaira, a Bloomerent bride, was inspired by South Asia for her August 2016 wedding at Chateau at Coindre Hall in Huntington, NY. She worked with Bloomerent florist Wyld NYC and together with the owner, Lydia, conceptualized vibrant and romantic arrangements filled with ranunculus, lisianthus and spray roses (below).

We asked Amaira to answer a few questions about her wedding and planning process to give insight to all future brides and grooms. 

How did you hear about Bloomerent? 
I heard about and met some of the staff of Bloomerent at a Wedding Salon expo about three months before my wedding. I found myself wishing I had discovered Bloomerent months ago because it seemed like such a great idea. I was looking for a way to repurpose my flowers rather than just have guests take them home. I’d considered a flower donating service that takes your flowers and gives them to senior citizens to cheer them up, but it was so expensive! I already had Lydia as a vendor (and a friend!) and she worked so hard to meet my budget so I was looking for a way to potentially get her more exposure and business. Bloomerent was the answer! I reached out to the fabulous team here and needless to say, Lydia’s work spoke for itself. I believe Lydia has worked with Bloomerent quite a few times since my wedding! So was happily ever after for everyone involved!

Were you the first or second event?
I was the first event. I’m told my flowers got reused for some awesome events, but I’m not sure what they were exactly!

What made you decide to be the First Event?
I wanted full control over the aesthetic.

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?
The inspiration for my wedding was a mix of South Asian tradition and American traditions I’ve grown up with and making them work in a Muslim millennial wedding. I have fairly particular taste and florals aren’t a pivotal part of South Asian or Muslim weddings yet really. So I felt like the florals had to be perfect because I was really going to be one of the few brides I knew of to do it. Enter Wyld! Lydia’s aesthetic is so beautiful and unique. Lydia really picked up on my style fairly quickly just from a few images I showed her of what I liked on Pinterest. I think Lydia’s work tends to be a little more bohemian and woodsy but she understood that I was going for something really refined, but still ethereal and whimsical. She combined what I really liked and put her own style on it as well and the results were absolutely stunning! Her work was an absolute dream all throughout my wedding.

“Amaira’s wedding inspiration was a soft palette with light and airy greens alongside pinks and ivory blooms. She loves ranunculus, so we paired it with lisianthus and spray roses in gold julep vases. She made a gradient backdrop of pink and white carnations for the ceremony.””

— Lydia, owner of Wyld NYC

How did working with Bloomerent ease the traditional experience of choosing a florist?
While I didn’t work with Bloomerent from the beginning of my hunt for florals, I absolutely loved my experience with them. Not only did Wyld benefit from the exposure, gaining more business, someone did pick up my florals as the second event, so I got some money back as the first event! Weddings can become so expensive (mine certainly was!), and anything you can get back is always a good thing so I was grateful to have Bloomerent. And my flowers got some more love, which made me happy to be able to contribute to someone else’s event.

How was your experience working with your florist?
I consider Lydia a friend! She’s a dream and such a sweetheart.

How did you feel knowing that your flowers wouldn’t end up in the trash?
Weddings are easily viewed as an egregious waste of money (the saying, all for one day!), and while there’s definitely some truth to that, it was great knowing that my flowers which otherwise would have gone in the trash, got a new life after my wedding.

What was the highlight of your wedding?
Getting married to my best friend and how damn beautiful everything turned out!

Would you recommend Bloomerent to friends? 
I have! I’m at the age where everyone is starting to get married and I without a doubt recommend Bloomerent to every bride I meet.