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In The Brambles is a floral & event studio based in Brooklyn NY by Mary McCorkle. The name, In The Brambles implies being in the thick of it and we love to be up to our eyeballs in flowers. From intimate, to off-beat, whimsical or large-scale, customization is our speciality and we strive to create sensorily rich floral pieces and environments for our clients. Alongside a design background, Mary uses her production savvy in the flower realm to bring floral installations to life. She loves being your meticulous stylist and creative consultant, and puts thought behind each stem selected. She also strives for sustainable practices wherever possible, from locally sourced florals to reducing supplies and composting natural waste. In The Brambles finds inspiration in the unconventional, across cultures, in color studies, in artful maximalism and in high contrast designs. In The Brambles produces independent projects from plan-to-petal and also collaborates with other florists, production designers, and agencies in NYC and nation-wide.

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