Bloomerent [n.]:  A service where you can save money, find a top florist and share your flowers with another wedding or event in close proximity. 

Choose a florist, choose your flowers, 
we'll list them for sharing, save money.

Opt into above centerpieces, work with the same
florist for all your floral needs, save money.

How it Works

Nowadays we share clothing, cars, and even our homes. We put together a video explaining how you can share flowers, too. 

A genius way to make sure your wedding flowers don’t go to waste
— The Huffington Post


Did you know that flowers last anywhere from 3-14 days and are often discarded after just a few hours? By sharing flowers you not only reduce floral waste but also give your blooms the longer life they deserve.


We take curating our community of florists very seriously. We know they're the experts and we want to put our customers in the best hands possible. Our florists are hand-picked, like your blooms, for the highest quality and customer experience.  


At Bloomerent, we are not reinventing the wheel but improving upon it. Event hosts are looking to share flowers and save money. By creating a platform to connect customers and florists to share flowers, we tie it all together and make event planning easier.