Don’t let your event flowers go to waste.

Save money by sharing your centerpieces with another event.

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and create beautiful centerpieces for your event
Connect with local Bloomerent florists to customize flowers for your event.
We list your centerpieces for sharing on Get 10% back when another event reuses your flowers after your event.
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Save on flowers
reuse centerpieces and make them your own
Reuse centerpieces from another Bloomerent event in your area and renew them with our florist to customize them to your vision.
Get fresh and revitalized centerpieces for your event and save 40-60% on traditional pricing.
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August 27
New York, NY
..Weddings can become so expensive (mine certainly was!), and anything you can get back is always a good thing so I was grateful to have Bloomerent. And my flowers got some more love, which made me happy to be able to contribute
to someone else's event.
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August 29
New York, NY
I love hosting events - but it can get expensive. Bloomerent helps me create red carpet-worthy decor - at reasonable prices.
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A genius way to make sure your wedding flowers don't go to wasteThe Huffington Post