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Flowers are expensive
Save money by sharing your centerpieces with another event
First Event
As the First Event, you consult with the Bloomerent florist(s) of your choice to create the flowers of your dreams - same as you would with any other florist.
Once you book your Bloomerent florist, we’ll list your centerpieces on our website for someone to reuse after you. When they do, you’ll earn 10% back and your florist will return to pick up your centerpieces and refresh them before the Second Event.
Second Event
As the Second Event, you choose to reuse floral centerpieces that are available on your event date in your area. You work with your Bloomerent florist to add your personal touch to the centerpieces and customize all other flowers needed (think bouquets, boutonnieres, arbors, and more).
By reusing fresh flowers, you save 40%-60% off the regular price. Your Bloomerent florist picks up the centerpieces from the First Event, repurposes them then delivers them to your event looking brand new.
Bloomerent in Action
Amaira received her dream flowers from Wyld NYC on August 27.
After her reception, Wyld picked up the centerpieces and added peonies to refresh them for Natalie.
On August 28, Wyld delivered them to Natalie for her event and the flowers got a second life!
Amaira - August 27, 2017
Natalie - August 28, 2017
A genius way to make sure your wedding flowers don't go to waste.