About Bloomerent

How It Began

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It all started during my 2014 wedding when I realized that my not-so-cheap wedding flowers were thrown away after 5 hours. Frustrated over the cost and waste, I set out to solve my problem, and one which exists for many brides and grooms, by allowing two weddings or events in close proximity to “share” their centerpieces. Getting married on a Friday night in NJ and want to allow someone who’s hosting a corporate gala on Saturday in NYC to reuse your centerpieces? Choose a Bloomerent florist to get started.

With Bloomerent, when flowers are being repurposed, your florist is responsible for renewing centerpieces between one event to the next, so you never have to worry about receiving less-than-perfect flowers. So, what changes? Both events save money if the centerpieces are reused and the florist’s hard work and talent lives to see another day by being resold.

Bundles is our latest product and was built to make the process of booking wedding flowers easier for couples and florists. With upfront and transparent pricing directly on our website, couples are able to “build their bundle” by adding all of the flowers they need for their wedding with the price tag attached. Once you check out, we’ll match you with a Bloomerent florist in your tier and it’s time to start the design process. Your pricing will be guaranteed and you can always make additions/changes with your florist. Click here for more information.