As consumers in the cut flower market, we rarely think about the consequences of having beautiful flowers decorate all the big events in our lives or be a small gesture of love and thanks. When taken care of properly, your blooms last for 3-14 days but are typically thrown away after 5+ hours, long before their lifespan is over. Our mission at Bloomerent is to help reduce floral waste and the carbon footprint the cut flower industry leaves behind. Sharing your flowers with another event reduces the amount of fuel, water and pesticides being used without sacrificing the quality of the flowers.

Fuel waste. Majority of the cut flowers sold in the US come from other countries - the main growers and suppliers are in Latin America and Europe. Imagine the amount of fuel being used to fly the flowers in and the refrigeration costs in transit and at flowers shops to keep them fresh.

Water waste. Flowers require a huge amount of water for growth and storage which seriously depletes our ground water resources.

Pesticides. Cut flowers are treated with pesticides which are absorbed by soil and pollute the air when sprayed.